10 Prepaid CDN Services In Comparison

Currently on the market, there are two types of  CDN services: Pay as you go and Prepaid. You should think considerately before placing the Purchase button, each service has both pros and cons for sure.

So far, I have ever tried with Pay as you go service, then quickly turn to prepaid CDN one. The reason is very simple, prepaid service and payment method let me control the wallet more easily. I have to pay one time and then forget it. Sometimes, I just need to check its performance, how bandwidth left and when will I have to purchase an additional package again.

Meanwhile, if you choose pay as you go, you need an “active” credit card or bank account. Each month, at the first day, you will receive a billing and statement about your activity in the previous month. You will be charged automatically via your summited payment methods.

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I won’t go too detailed about comparing the two business model. Instead, in this post, I want to introduce you some prepaid CDN services that will definitely rock your blog ‘s speed, very easy to configure and their price is quite cheap as well.

As you might have known, CDN stands for Content Delivery Network, or in other way, Content Distribution Network. It optimizes your blog ‘s speed by delivery the static files (image and CSS, JavaScript files) to the readers from the nearest servers, no matter where readers come from. Thought you use one CDN service provider only, your blog will be severed by multi servers (or nodes) worldwide, in which they are almost deployed in Northern America, European and Asia regions.

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2 Key Reasons You Should Choose Prepaid CDN services

Firstly, as I aforementioned, you have to pay one time, configure one and just forget it. You not need to worry about the monthly billing. However, perhaps, prepaid CDN might cost you slightly higher than pay as you go and it is not suitable with huge crowded visitor blogs or sites since you probably easily run out of pre – bandwidth, much faster than other average and small blogs. So, prepaid is likely not a good deal for big sites.

Secondly, you can stop using any prepaid CDN service and switch to new one whenever you want. Not worry about any problem afterwards.

Top 10 Prepaid Services in Battle

Before you read further, let me tell something about the criterias I choose to compare prepaid services. A good CDN service includes:

  • Reasonable price. Pay one time only. No storage and bandwidth, out and in costs.
  • Multiple servers (nodes), specially there have been Asian ones.
  • Easy to customize and configure.
  • Extra features and choices, for instance when your account runs out of bandwidth.
  • Good at supporting.
  • A good pre-bandwidth number volume.

Here is the roundup.


VPS.NET is one of the leading cloud services, including cloud hosting and cloud VPS. Recently, this hosting provider also provides pre-paid CDN. This service has many noticed features such as easy to use, multiple severs worldwide. However, two of the features I love the most is its scalable and reliable ( I am not sure about the later). You can easy choose a suitable prepaid CDN package, from the cheapest one costing $34.95 for 1TB.  You can use up to prepaid 20 TB for $1934.95. This is the service, I think, you should give it a try.

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Small tip: Apply the coupon code NIK8E to save 25 % of your wallet. You need to purchase more than one nodes (2TB or more).

2. Instantcdn Asia

As its website address reveals, this CDN service is very wonderful if almost of your visitors come from Asia. If you have ever heard about WPWebhost, probably you have already known Instantcdn since the hosting provider has also used Instantcdn to provide CDN option for its customer.


There are 3 packages, ranging  from $9.90, $29.90 to $39.90 per month, meaning you will own a 25 GB, 100 GB and 1TB pre-bandwidth respectively. If you run out of the pre-bandwidth, you might pay the additional cost, starting from $10 for 2GB.

I think, this service is more expensive than others, but there are two nice things: They have many Asia severs and… here. You can grab a 25GB CDN package freely, without credit card. Get it soon buddies!

3. Mediatemple

This is one of the most famous hosting providers around the world with many high-profile customers. Mediatemple provides various offers from Grid-Service, Dedicated – Virtual, Sever to Complex-Hosting. ProCDN is on of the new Mediatemple ‘s service. Spending ony $20 each month, you can use this professional content delivery network with total 200 GB data transfer.

Mediatemple offers extra bandwidth for $.15/GB up to 10TB and $.10/GB over 10TB.

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In my opinion, Mediatemple ‘s CDN service is really cheap, comparing to other service. I am sure lots of customer trust Mediatemple and you could be one.

4. SoftLayer

SoftLayer is considered the top hosting provider worldwide. As far as I know, even Hostgator also uses SoftLayer to opera their hosting service. CloudLayer CDN is the newest SoftLayer ‘s service with 2 offer: pay as you go ($0.20 per/GB) and prepaid one.

If you choose prepaid package, you will have to start with CDN 250GB bandwidth for $45.00, then 500GB bandwidth for $80.00 etc.

I think SoftLayer ‘s CDN service price is quite high. Also, you have to pay storage fee, despite that it is cheap. If you want to use a ready scalable service with high demand, SoftLayer is a nice option.

5. Cachefly

Cachefly is one of the best CDN services on the market with many positive comments from customers. The reason for that is, in my point of view, Cachefly is working only in one market since 11 years ago, so they concentrate all on their business, optimize and boost it, in term of price, service quality and supporting. A number of high-profile customers are choosing Cachefly.

However, as a regular blogger, I think almost bloggers do not choose Cachefly. The reason is very simple, it prices is too high. Though you get what you pay for, $99/month for 256 GB transfer is a not a good deal in any kind.

Perhaps, many Cachefly ‘s customers have chosen the custom plan which will start with $0.03 /GB.

This service is really reliable but like many others, I think they should care more about the small site by offering more customizable plans.

6. Clookcdn

Clookcdn is the new CDN provider in the market. With £10.00 per month, you can use 50 GB bandwidth monthly for 5 CNAME addresses.

If you need more bandwidth, Clookcdn offers £0.18/GB bandwidth. There are 16 diverse POP locations world-wide, but not in Asia.

Probably Clookcdn need few improvements in the future, I mean, in term of flexible price and package. Currently, you have only one choice!

blog speed exabyest

7. Exabytes

This is mother company of Instantcdn and you can also grab one free 25 GB bandwidth package at first. The difference between Intantcdn and Exbytes is that, the former only provides CDN service in Asia while the later also works in many hosting service businesses, including CDN. Also, Exbytes has more severs in America and European.

The price is however, more expensive. For instance, to get 25GB in 3 months, you have to pay $ 117.00.

8. Flexihostings

The Australia hosting provider also working in CDN market. With 21 nodes across the globe: 15 nodes in the Americas, 4 in Asia, and 2 in Europe, Flexihostings ’s CDN service is really a good choice for bloggers and webmasters, no matter where your readers come from.

There are two choices: pay as you go and prepaid. However, you have to pay a setting up fee for AU$60.00.If you choose pay as you go plan, you have  to also pay $200 security deposit refundable upon account closure.

In case of prepaid plan, to get 250 GB of CDN bandwidth, you need to pay at least AU$76.95 per month for the smallest package.

In think, this service is reliable with many nodes worldwide. However, I myself do not like the setting up fee and the deposit requirement. How do you think about the price Flexihosting is offering?

9. Swiftway

That UK based hosting service offers various choices for your CDN demand. If you want to get 2000 GB data transfer/ month, you have to pay 39.95 € (excluding VAT). This CDN service has only 8 nodes in odes in Europe and North America. This is a brand new on the market, so I think they should offer more flexible choices and more reasonable price.

10. MaxCDN

This is the service I am configuring on StarBlogger. At first, I was quite surprised CDN service, however, after using CDN, I felt everything was really easy to use.

maxcdn blog speed

I highly recommend you use MaxCDN for 5 reasons:

- It prices is extremely reasonable. Currently, MaxCDN is offering 1 TB  prepaid bandwidth for $39.99. You can use pay as you go if you want.

- MaxCDN has many nodes worldwide and in the coming time, as far as I know, there will be more severs on Asia region to speed up your blog, in case your readers come from there.

- Configuring MaxCDN is really easy with some available plug-in.

- You can share MaxCDN service and bandwidth with others. The invite feature is really helpful if you want to shake hand with other before purchasing the services.

- I recommend you use MaxCDN also due to I am using it now!

How about my comparison and analyst? Let me know your idea! Tell my readers which CDN service you are using or will be your choice in the coming time.

Note that, all about written content is only my opinion!

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  1. Great resources of CDN here. I always wonder how I can choose a CDN service and now I have the answer and the comparison as well. :)

    • I think we should use CDN as soon as possible since it can help us increase our blog. You might have known, speed is very important now because Google uses it as one of the factor to rank our content.

  2. Nice and brief Comparison of all CDN services here..

  3. Hi Daniel, thanks for the detailed article about CDN services, I was looking for free CDN sevices on net, any suggestions?, Infact I was planing to use CDN for my W3TC plugin as content delivery for my blog. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Navin! I think, the CDN price now is reasonable. You should use premium service to get support! :-) . Remember that we get what we pay for :-) . I recommend Maxcdn. Only $40 for the first year!

    • I advise you to use paid service. It is more secure and stable. The cost is not expensive man :-P .

  4. Thanks for the suggestions Jowe and Deniel. I will go for paid one. Thanks again.

  5. I think you’re referring to 1TB per $34.95 for VPS right? I’m quite surprised that its only 1GB for that amount of price. =p

    • You are welcome Melvin! Thanks for your correction! Honestly, I have carefully proofread this article more than 2 times! Sorry I was wrong! Of course, it is 1 TB. Otherwise, your CDN package will run out of resource in few hours of usage!

  6. David Park says:

    Hi, I look for a CDN company to deliver the digital LiveTV and VOD contents to broadcast to America and Europe and Asia, Globally. Can you recommend me any professional and reliable ones?


  7. CDN service is good for a high traffic website as it can be managed easily by CDN service.

  8. thanks a ton for the info.. u dint cover amazon cloud front.. arent they good ?

  9. I have used maxcdn. They havent emailed me about the exceeding of bandwidth and I have just left with 3 days of renew they are asking me to pay $70 / 1TB because they have added 1Tb to my account without asking me(they wanted to be kind). Is this fair? I mean their website clearly mentions $0.070/GB additional charges then why did they have added 1tb and without my authorization?

    • Hi Sam! Sorry for a such late response. As far as I know, by default, they offer us 3 packages in which the lowest is what you are forcing to purchase to continue use this CDN service. However, you can choose the second way to pay, yeah exactly is paying as you go as you mentioned (around $0.07/GB).

      Have you solved your payment issue? If not, your account will be suspended in some next days. I personally recommend you to renew it when the price is pretty low!

  10. Hi!
    Just going to launch website that will require to store and let users download large files (over 100mb) per file. Site is estimated to be quite popular. Which CDN provider will you recommend for the best result?
    Thanks a lot!

  11. Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for the info on CDNs. I am in the midst of launching a website whereby the primary visitors will be from the Asian region. Does anyone know of any good CDN that is covering the South Asian region with reasonable price ?

    InstantCDN is supposedly from Penang, Malaysia. I am from Malaysia and their sites is loading extremely slow. It wasn’t really the case with VPS.net, MaxCDN, and CacheFly. Wouldn’t recommend InstantCDN them in terms of performance.

  12. InstantCDN is parked under Sedo now. I think it’s time to update your post.

  13. Hi Guys,
    check out our CDN –> http://www.keycdn.com
    We provide high performance for reasonable prices.

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