2 Ways to Register a Google Adsense Account

To be honest, I am not happy with Google now because unlike other professional bloggers I have not gotten any penny from the search giant. But unlike some others too, I have owned a Google Adsense account for 2 years. How to register an account at the most profitable advertising platform is still a BIG problem. That is the reason in this article, I will share with you two small and easy to do but sure-fire tips that Google will approve your application soon.

Firstly, you should keep in mind that, we have to follow Google ‘s conditions and terms (TOS), there is no exceptional case. Google has its rule and we have no other choice.

Then you can follow 2 methods that I found they are really effective. Depend on your own situation, I always recommend that you should avoid doing any illegal action.

Method 1: Your Own Journey

Step 1: Buy a domain name and build your website.

Domain name is not compulsory but website is different. You can use some sub domain service to start your blogging trip but I highly recommend that you should buy a premium one for further development. It will help you to develop your better brand so that you will have more chances to stand out from the crowd. To get a cheap domain, you can back to my recent article for more information.

Step 2: Develop the site without concern about Google Adsense account.

You can register a Google Adsense after building your site for a while, but in some areas, especially in Asia, bloggers are only able to register a Google Adsense account for domain under 6 months old. That is Google rule! In the waiting time, you can keep your precious time to build your blog, website as best as you can. Remember that you should always apply “UU rule”. I mean, your content on your blog must have value. It should be useful and unique. Google Search loves quality than quantity.

Step 3: Applying for Google Adsense

Whenever your blog reaches 30 articles as well as a good traffic, think to applying for Google Adsense. Before doing that, you should be prepared something below:  The information of your domain name displays via Whois is the same with your information you use to apply.

  • The domain name passes 6 months.
  • The content in your blog is unique and remember avoiding some high CPC  niche such as forex, healht, insurance, car, girl, bikini, travel, hotel ect. if you want your chance is higher.
  • Your theme/interface is acceptable. I mean it is quite profestional.
  • The blog ‘s navigation is user-friendly as much as possible.
  • Alexa ranking is about 3 to 5 million. Higher is always better.

Methold 2: Apply via an “Agent”

There are many revenue sharing communities you can take part to start making money online by our own powerful writing ability. Flixya, Hubpages, Docstoc and Indyarocks are some of them. You can easily register an account there and start pulishing your own content on these community, then Google Adsense will pay for what efforts you have to contributed. However, you can leave them whenever you want since your goal is applying for Google Adsense only.

Indiarocks, for expample is one of the popular community I think you should care firstly.

Step 1: Register an Indyarocks

It is very to register an account here. It is free and similar to other online services. You just provide your real Gmail address, some information etc. Visit this link.

Step 2: Applying for Google Adsense

Supposing you have already joined Indiarocks, then you need to fill all the forms regarding to your personal account.

Creating your own photo albums and try to upload at least 10 pictures.

Writing at least 3 article on its blog service. Keep in mind that your content have to be unique and in English. Google Translation tool is not recommended here but you can do for a try in case you are not fluent in using English.

These above steps are all easy to do so that it is time to apply Google Adsense for your business now. Click on the Google AdSense Earnings and follow some steps to complete. The remain task is waiting for the approval from the search giant. It takes 10 days or just 2 days, I am not sure but your chance to get Google Adsense account is very high.

Of course, you should keep in mind that there is no way that guarantee 100% for your success. Just experience and find your own way.We all know that an extra money through Google Adsense is a good choice for bloggers. The most advantage is than it is not need to do anything, just concentrate on building your site better. Your higher traffic your bring to Google, the more money you get into your pocket.

How about your idea about my solution mate? Feel free to express your statement with our readers. Thanks.


  1. Why don’t you put the adsense code somewhere to start earning?
    My application was luckily approved in the 4th time I submitted to Google, it is quite a big surprise for me as my site didn’t have good content at that time. Maybe we are lucky to apply for the GA account soon, I heard that it is not easy to get approved now.

    • Yeah Tuan. It is not easy to register a GA account now but I think if you consider seriously about GA and make money online, it is not difficult. I have not intended to place adsense code now mate. Earning is not much we all know.

  2. Method 3: Contact directly Lary or Sergei, lol :D

  3. I already have Google Adsense Account. :D . My application was approved in first time i submitted . But now I dont know how to make money with this account :)
    I placed an ads in post and after 2 weeks I earn $2.47

    • You are a lucky man Tung. I think in our condition, placing ad code is not a good choice :-).

    • I don’t have a website yet… Is it that necessary that we need to have a website to make an account in Adsense!!!! If so, would you like to explain me how to create a website and make money…. Plzz do the needful…

    • sir can u tell me that how much traffic i need to register my site in adsence, also tell about the age of domain coz my domain is 1.5 month old and it recieve 100+ visitors daily so can i register my site in google….plzz help…

    • pls guid me

  4. Some big bloggers could get approved or denied no matter how big their websites are and how good the content is, it is very much up to mood of adsense account manager who review your application. With me, adsense is the past!

  5. From my experience I should say Hubpages and Docstoc are best ways, if you don’t have a domain.

  6. I am from India and got my adsense account approved! My blog is barely two months old! The age factor is just a myth. :)

  7. First of all, Your website is attractive. Second, i wish you become pro English blogger.

    I have 3 Google Adsense accounts :). However, to make money from GA is not easy for everybody. I think if you want to make money from Google Adsense you have overcome technical skill problem.

    If anyone are interested in making money from GA, contact me to make a group :)

    • You are welcome mate. I certainly agree with you. The more competition is, the less chance to get money from. But I hope at last everything will be fine after we have tried our best.

      Let connect me via Facebook and we will make a new stage in cooperation.

    • Mr.Adam, i wanna make money too.. could you make a clear note of what i should do to get started first of all!!!

  8. Hey nice share..BTW just to add to your article – Bloggerparty.com can be useful in registering your adsense account if you don’t have any domain or you are not able to get approval by Google from your own domain. :)

  9. I still remembered that my adsense account was approved using my almost zero content blogspot blog in July 2007 :), and i do agree that now approving adsense account is becomes very very tough.

    • You are welcome mate. Google has just tighten its policy in co-operation with publishers, particularly new bloggers. I think, it is not difficult to apply a Google Adsense but how to make the chance into huge profit resource is more difficult!

  10. Thanks for this valueable information

  11. It’s hard to register a google adsense account. Do you have another way?

  12. thanks for your kind information i also want to learn everything about adsense because i dont like this now a days bytheways thanks for your blogging

  13. Hello,
    I already have an account on GA and was able to code, but the ads have not appeared. How to be approved by google? please help me
    Thank you
    A little writing and tips for health

    • Thanks for dropping by Zukidaru. As far as I know you have to “pass” the second step in registering a Google Adsense account. In your case, unless the Google Adsense agency approves your application and site, the ads does not appear on your site.

      In my experience, at first you have to build a professional and useful site before applying for an account. Anyway, good luck friend!

  14. aloblinks says:

    please am just a starter in the whole online blog stuffs and i need help like coaching tips from someone willing to help…please help me.

  15. Indeed i like this post and the way it was carve.
    And the thing which i have experiences is i have 12 adsense account and all are working fine and one of it is a premium publisher of ads.
    if you have quite a good blog raking below 20k (alexa) then your adsense request gets approved within 3 to 4 hrs. (personal experience)

  16. how to register my blogger account with google.

  17. I Like Very Much!

  18. sandeep kumar says:


  19. aku juga mau daftar

    gi mana caranya…………???


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