How To Install Encarta 2009 Without DVD ROM Using Virtual Program

Nowadays almost of people having Internet access use Google and Wikipedia  to find information, that is still a good deal to have an “offline” DVD based encyclopedia on your computer. My recommendations are Microsoft Encarta and Britannica. Apart from not having up to date information, both are really gifts from the God. Cheap price, high quality articles written by well-know scholars, these encyclopedia  help you keep almost thing about the world in your computer. I believe that the open encyclopedia Wikipedia will not completely replace the DVD-based encyclopedia in the short time to come.

In this article, I just want to write down the installation process in detail to help you get Encarta 2009 on your computer, even without DVD ROM – physical disk in the fastest way.

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Blurring Niche and Broad

Lately it seems there has been a huge push in blogging trends to create and maintain niche blogs in order to dominate specific topics in keyword searches and readerships. While a lot of this mentality makes a lot of sense and can create exceptional web experiences, I worry that some websites are taking this niche mentality to a bit of an extreme. Both niche and broad blog topics have their benefits and drawbacks, and in my opinion, both types of blogs could learn something from each other.
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Awesome Opportunity to Get Free Gift Card from Pimp My Cube ‘s Contest

This post brought to you by Contest Factory. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am sure that almost people who are working at official have to regularly deal with boring issues related to working condition. Of course, things are often non-perfect as we expect. But in my opinion, we should always try to make our life better. In the time when technology is innovating everyday, you can have some professional services solve this time-wasting matters.

But that is another story. Today I want to introduce you a great contest named Pimp My Cube Contest which is conducting by Contest Factory for all people around the world.

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Networksolutions Coupon Code December 2011 Domain As Low As $1.99

For a limited time, one of the most well-known domain registrar NetWorkSolutions is running a fabulous promotion campaign by which you can buy a new TL domain with only $.199, meaning you will save over $30 than the regular price. As far as I know, the NetWorkSolutions coupon code is really rare and you have to quickly purchase the domain you want from this prestigious registrar before all the slots are sold out.

But before getting started, there is another great news for you. NetWorkSolutions normally accepts almost payment methods, and in this event, they still allows you to use Paypal to pay the card. So which drawbacks will prevent from purchasing a new home address? I find only one thing that is you have to go quickly!

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Top 5 Best Free Antivirus Tools for Android Tablet and Phone

Last month, the well-know independent security institute AV-Test released a detailed report (including 17 pages in total here) about the result of their newest experiment on free Android security software. In short they concluded that almost free security scanners/software on Android ecosystem are good but they are not enough to protect users from threats. Their advice was that you should lean on premium ones.

First, I ‘m 100 percent agree with the result and advice from AV-Test. However, I think that is probably an unavoidable result since the security test center did not test some free security solutions for Android which are almost more popular.

Apart from choosing two commercial security software F-Secure Mobile Security and Kaspersky Mobile Security, Av-Test only tested 7 following free security scanners for Android: Antivirus Free, BluePoint Antivirus Free, GuardX Antivirus, Kinetoo Malware Scan, LabMSF Antivirus beta, Privateer Lite và Zoner AntiVirus Free. Are they enough? I think you can easily find out more free security tools for Android on the Market. Here in this article, I want to round-up the best free security software for Android from famous vendors.

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Easily Catch Up Latest News and Useful URL All in One Place

As an Internet addicted user, I often sit in state on a chair before the screen more than 5 hours each day to follow the latest news around the world, particularly in my favorite fields technology and sports. But as you may know, it is both easy and difficult to catch up the last update news nowadays. We have so many news sources on the Internet and almost of them update nearly minutely. So it may be a headache to find the answer for the question: how to read all the news on the Internet and how often do you remember the important link on the web?

Here, just one of my opinion, Alaup is a good response!

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Flipboard Debuts iPhone Reader Version

After waiting for a long time, from now on, iPhone users will be able to use Flipboard on their high-end smartphone despite that this app has been released for iPad more than one year.

Claiming as the creator/converter to fetch regular content into a full tablet magazine, Flipboard is one among top apps for iPad and even has been named as one of the Apple ‘s iPad apps of the year. Flipboard is a pretty worth for iPad users who often read magazines and news from several different sources. This free app will automatically turn content which has been shared from social networks into a HTML5-based page, similar to a paper magazine. The reading experience will be much more convenient. I think the Flipboard version for iPhone will make it more popular among Apple fans. Flipboard ‘s server has been ever temporarily down since the demand is too high.

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Free Kaspersky 2012 Key for 12 Readers

As you might know, I have taken part in blogging trip for few years but only one year as a professional one. I am proud to announce you that at the end of this month December, I will reach the first important milestone on my blogging journey: the first birthday! By that excitement, I would like to conduct a big giveaway event where everyone can take part and get free tech stuffs. The giveaway ‘s rule is simple and I am sure you can easily get the huge prize, not only Kaspersky 2012 free activation license key but also more genuine license products.

giveaway Kaspersky 2012

But at first, please let me mention some paragraphs about Kaspersky 2012, the product I have ever written about more that one time. Kaspersky 2012 provides end-users a comprehensive and reliable security solution. Recent years, Kaspersky has always been ranging as one of the top security products. Each new upgrade (one – year circle) really enhances its perfection. As a loyal Kaspersky user in 4 years, I have to confess that Kaspersky 2012 version is one the best security tool on the market now. A lot of people are put theirs trust on it. I see many people go to Google to find free Kaspersky 2012 activation license key!

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[Live Update] BIG Promotion, Discount And Coupon on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Today is one of the most important days in USA: Thanksgiving day and of course tomorrow will be Black Friday whereas the first day of the next week will be Cyber Monday. Holiday, a new shopping season will be kicked off in few hours ahead. As you might know, so far Back Friday and Cyber Monday are best days for all customers to purchase stuffs with huge discounted price. In these day, almost online shops and retailers provide one-time big coupons in these day as a way to thanks their customers and promote sale as well.

No matter who you are, a regular end-users, bloggers or webmasters etc… I think these days are the most eager opportunities for all of us to get high quality products with lowest cost. Here is this article I want to update most important discounts and coupons around the Internet that will surely help you save your wallets.

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