BitDefender USB Immunizer V2- A New Useful Tool To Disable Autorun Function

For couple of years, I have faced up a same situation for many times: eliminate virus on USB for myself and friends. I have ever tried a handful of solutions, both freewares and sharewares and some of them are really reliable, USB Disk Security is one of them, for instance!

However, this is a shareware application and you have to pay a some bucks to get it. Recently, I have found some other replacements in which BitDefender USB Immunizer is a really trusted name. As far as I know, a range of users have given the tiny application their belief! And today I will share with you what I have experienced with it.

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Kaspersky 2012 Stable Version My Review In Depth!

I have been a loyal customer of Kaspersky, the well-known security solution from Russia for a long time, perhaps since it was running the 7.0 version. Just few seconds ago, I was noticed that the newest stable version, Kaspersky 2012 had officially been released. Here in this article, I will do a brief review about it.

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Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Tool – Easily Create CD/USB Boot Already Integrated Antivirus

Probably you have ever heard and even used the well-known tool Win7USBDVDTools, backed and distributed by the big star in software making field Microsoft! This handy application allows you to install the popular operating system Windows 7 directly from USB. Though there are many other similar tools developed by hardware vendors, Win7USBDVDTools gradually becomes the first choice for end-users in case they want to install the Redmond product on their device via USB.

Not only providing many popular softwares such as Windows, Office… Microsoft also develops many useful but less well-known softwares and services. Some of them are even total free of charge. Win7USBDVDTools and Microsoft Security Essentials are prominent examples. In this article, you will be introducing another name: Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Tool, another useful and free tool still in the beta phase.
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Free Opener – Free Handy Software Allows Displaying More than 70 File Formats

On your daily basis with a computer, I guess, you might be fall in some unexpectedly difficult cases. For instance, sometimes you can not open a regular file format such as Word 2007 file (someone has sent you including DOCX and PPTX format) on your Microsoft Word 2003, or a Flash file and so on… Perhaps in these situation, you will manage looking out a suitable software that is able to open the file for you.

How do you think about a more convenient solution in the case, a very handy and tiny software that can open more than one formats. Let read this article, I will introduce you a very smart idea, a free of charge software called Free Opener 1.0 and thanks to it, you can easily open a bunch of regular file formats.

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Make Conference with Free BlackBerry Application

To be honest, BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing is not a new name with almost Blackberry ‘s fans. However, since the day it made its début, almost Blackberry users were not able to get a lucky opportunity to use it. The reason is very simple, BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing has not opened up for massive community. However, RIM has just released the official version for all users worldwide (updated, only US. and Canada users only) and it is no longer in beta, meaning private phrase.

blackberry mobile Conferencing

Claiming to be one of the must-have application for Blackberry users, specially business person, BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing gained its first exposure in early April. In the testing period, however, only selective BlackBerry users can get the software via Blackberry Beta Zone.

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How To Backup Automatically Your Blog To Dropbox Account

It is very important to back up your blog daily. However, naturally, you have to face up many difficulties to finish this wasting time and bored tasks. So you should use a more convenient solution. That is what you will find out in this article.

In my opinion, we should back up both database and data files. Both are important but some bloggers said they did not save their data files due to some drawback during operating, particularly it costs their time everyday. I think if you are a really serious and careful blogger, there is no reason to prevent you from saving your worthy baby daily.

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Free 3 months Bitdefender Internet Security 2011

BitDefender is the leading security solution among other renowned vendors. The newest version is BitDefender 2012 Beta, however, it is highly recommended that you should use the stable and strongest one 2011. In the family of the application, BitDefender Internet Security 2011 is considered the best one.

Of course, you get what you pay for and that is the reason why this version has the higher price than its brothers. I am a loyal customer of Kaspersky but it does not prevent me from using, specially testing other products in the same category. In the case of BitDefender, I have to confess that I completely respect the giant, its name and the powerful products they have made.

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