5 Apps To Manage Android on PC via Wi-Fi

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5 Apps To Manage Android on PC via Wi-Fi

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How do you often manage data on your Android devices? Probably almost of non-tech savvy people choose the simple way: connecting them with a PC via USB interface and then do the thing they want. I may therefore call it as the traditional solution. Needless to say, this way is so inconvenient when you always have to use a wire cable. Also your device will no longer free to use at that time.

Those are the major reasons why we should use a better alternative which allow you to manage Android on PC via Wi-Fi connect. We have done a careful search query on Android Market and Android related forums to compile here 5 best tools to help you remote control Android devices on Windows via wireless connection. They will surely help you get rid of cable and normal frustration each time you make an effort to control your Android devices.

At first, you have to agree with me that currently there are probably a bundle of apps on the Android Market (please call it as Google Play now) which allow you to remote Android device on PC or even vice versa. However, in this collection we only choose the apps that can help you control Android on PC via wireless connection.

1. AirDroid

AirDroid is not the first app that can help you remotely control your Android device on your computer via Wi-Fi connection but at least in my opinion this is   one the best choice on the Google Play. AirDroid is completely free but you might be surprised with its advanced features.


AirDroid is really a fast, free app that lets you wirelessly manage & control your Android device from a web browser. All you need to do is install the app on your Android device then open it. The next step is so simple when you not need to configure anything. After you hit the Start button of the device, you will receive the IP with unique password. Then you just access any browser on your computer (on the same Wi-Fi network) and connect with these information to get started remotely control Android device.

AirDroid manage Android on PC via Wi-Fi

AirDroid allows you to do a lot of task such as transfer/sync apps between computer and Android devices, even data on SD card. It is very easy to install or remove apps on the browser without touching the smartphone or tablet. Moreover, AirDroid is handy at managing SMS content. You can read, send or forward and delete as you are working on the devices. There is no convenient offer than that. I highly recommend AirDroid for Android users. Download AirDroid on Google Play here.

2. WiFi File Transfer

As its name reveals, in case you want to transfer data between computer and your Android device over Wi-Fi connection, WiFi File Transfer is one the reasonable choices you can give it a chance. This app is quite popular among Android community despite that there is a limit in free version (WiFi File Transfer free version only allows you to upload less 4 MB files).

Using web-based interface, WiFi File Transfer allows you connect with devices on computer. You can upload or download more than one file simultaneously. You can delete, rename, copy ect files using the built-in file manager.

Wifi File Transfer

Remember that your device and computer have to work on a same local network. Though the app is still lacking many advanced features like others offer, it is still a famed remotely control solution for Android device. Download Wifi File Transfer on Google Play here.

3. Android Sync Manager WiFi

The main feature that make Android Sync Manager WiFi is quite prominent among this list is the synchronization capacity, beyond a normal remotely control app.

First, Android Sync Manager WiFi works well as a tool to manager your Android devices on PC. You can back up your data easily no mater they are contacts, messages, photos, music, video or application etc

Android Sync Manager Wifi

In my opinion, Android Sync Manager WiFi is the best choice in this list because it offers a comprehensive solution to control and maintain your handsets, specially backup, a headache task. There is at least a small downside however that is you have to install specific app on Android and your computer as well. Nevertheless, you have to do one times only that will surely let Android Sync Manager WiFi becomes the top choice and a five start must-have app for all Android users. You can download it here.

4. DropSpot

Another brilliant remotely control solution for Android users, I promise. DropSpot is designed to let you access your Android devices via browser on the computer without cable, providing that the handset and computer are working on a same local network.

There are two DropSpot version and we of course highly recommend you go with the Pro one. However, Lite version which is free has only one limitation. You cannot upload a file larger than 5 MB.


Unlike the above solution, you have to install Dropspot on your devices only. Then you will be given a unique ID and password to control Android handsets via browser on the computer. It supports drag and drop so you can easily upload or download files between the two.

If you need a simple solution to remotely control Android device without wire, DropSpot maybe a handy tool. It works with Android OS v2.2 or higher only. You can download here.

5. WiFi File Explorer

In fact, there are some other apps on the Google Play market claiming that they can help you manage your Android devices on computer without cable. But WiFi File Explorer is the last app I want to mention in this post. Why I choose this app instead of others? Simply for 2 reasons. The first impression is that it is offering free and the second, a lot of Android users are using WiFi File Explorer. I just saw its total downloaded times are really high.

Wifi File Explorer

With WiFi File Browse, you are able to download and stream files that are on your phone via a WiFi even with drag and drop option. There are two versions. The free one works seamlessly like the pro but you can choose only one file each time.

All you need to do is to install the app on the devices then use the given secret information to access via a browser. You can download the whole directories with only one click. The app allows you to view photos and video, music directly in a web browser. You can download it here.
Those above apps, I think, are enough for us to remotely manage our Android devices on PC via Wi-Fi. Each one has its own pro and cons but from my experience Android Sync Manager WiFi is the best since it offers many advanced features, not only suite for controlling purpose but also maintain our Android handset. However, it is just my point of view. We would like to hear from you soon. Do not hesitate drop us your comment!


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