How To Password Protect Dropbox Folder With Steganos Safe

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How To Password Protect Dropbox Folder With Steganos Safe

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There are a number of cloud storage services on the Internet now but in my opinion Dropbox is still one of the leaders thanks to its synchronization feature which allows you to store data across multi-devices and platforms without worrying about re-download or upload task. All things will be automatically done in the background. I have been a crazy fan of Dropbox for years. For backup and storage data purpose, I felt completely satisfied with 8GB free space Dropbox. That is one of the reasons why I sometimes covered tips about this service for more convenient in usage. If you are a blogger, I would like to introduce you a small tutorial here that allows you to take advantage of Dropbox to back up your blog.

As you may have known, Dropbox stores your data on the cloud and your computer as well. While you not need to worry about them on the web, even strange person can access your Dropbox folder on the computer. How can you imagine when you lose laptop that has already synced your Dropbox s data? Without doubt, you need to find a proper way to password-protect Dropbox folder.

So far, TrueCrypt is one of the best choice as a open-source encrypted tool and it works well if you want to protect your Dropbox. However, TrueCrypt is also quite confusing and not easy to use, specially for normal users. In this article, I would like to introduce you Steganos Safe as a comprehensive solution for that matter. This a shareware but fortunately you can get it for free at the moment.

Steganos Safe normally costs you $40 for the license. It allows you to create a virtual partition to store sensitive information. The software uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) which will make sure your virtual partition will be encrypted with the most secure standard.

Here are detailed steps to encrypt to password protect your Dropbox folder with Steganos Safe.

Step 1:  Visit this link to get Steganos Safe 12 license for free. Just fill up in the register field with your email address. Download the software here and install it. Using license you have received within the email.

Use Steganos Safe 12 to protect Dropbox folder

Step 2: Create a virtual partition from your current primary partition (C:). Open Steganos Safe 12 and hit on the Create a Safe option. Remember to choose a strong password. You can use virtual keyboard or taking advantage of Picpass feature for more secured. After successfully creating a new safe space, there will be a new one partition appearing on your computer. It has been encrypted with AES standard so you need to have password to access.

Steganos Safe 12

Step 3: Turn on Dropbox application on your computer. Hit the right mouse on the icon in the right corner of taskbar. Choose Preferences, then hit Advanced tab. You just need to click on the Move option to completely move your Dropbox folder into a new partition. Waiting few minutes to enjoy a new home.

Dropbox folder protect password

By that, your Dropbox folder will be protected with password. Without it, strangers are not able to see your Dropbox folder content, even the encrypted partition which you have created before. Steganos Safe 12 is really useful in this case. Just note that you  should go hurry to get Steganos Safe 12 license for free.


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