Oxygencloud Another Dropbox Alternative With Free 5GB Support Synchronization

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Oxygencloud Another Dropbox Alternative With Free 5GB Support Synchronization

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You may be noticed with some recent rumors about the upcoming appearance of Google Drive. They said that the search giant will probably roll out the first version of Google Drive in the first week of April. According to folks at Talk Android blog, Google Drive will offer free 5GB of free storage instead of 1GB or 2GB as rumors before. I am not sure whether the upcoming cloud based storage service from Google can replace or stand along with Dropbox or Box.com but at least, hopefully we will have another good choice for storing and backing up data for free.

Currently, in my opinion, Dropbox is still one the leading cloud storage services thanks to its excellent synchronization feature which supports almost platforms and devices without limit, no matter you are using a free account. As many others, I have been a fan of Dropbox so long and needless to say, completely satisfied with it.

But do you think a free 2GB account from Dropbox is enough in a long run? The answer is of course no. Here Oxygencloud, which offers many advanced options including synchronization is a good Dropbox alternative you can try.

In fact, there are a number of cloud storage services on the market. You can even increase your cloud storage up to 50 GB for free at Box.com, providing that you use an Android device. Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Box, Dropbox and many other providers may let you feel confusing in choosing a suitable cloud storage service. As a normal Internet user, I love Dropbox the most because it has an amazing synchronization feature which almost others do not offer. You can access your data on the go via many ways such as computer, tablet or web-based thanks to its exclusive apps. That is also the critical feature /option that you can not find out on other cloud based storage services. In fact, it is quite hard to look for a really Dropbox alternative.


Oxygen Cloud main features:

Is Oxygen Cloud a reliable, secure and convenient cloud based storage service since it is still a new name? Here are some main features:

– Oxygen Cloud offers free 5 GB for users, more than double with what Dropbox brings to you.

– The most noticed feature Oxygen UltraSync which allows users to synchronize  files across various platforms such as desktop clients (available on Windows and Mac), mobile clients and Web client. Besides that, UltraSync  automatically pushes updated files to entire co-workers so they can access to use them on any device.

– Oxygen supports apps on many mobilizing devices including iPad, iPhone, Android and Web clients as well. Unless other services, you can even edit the content of the data via apps or web- based. Oxygen supports many productivity such as Quickoffice, PDF Expert, Goodreader and more. So you will have no hassle when working on the move.

– Is it safe? If you are worry about protecting your data, Oxygen MobileVault feature is what you are looking for. It can encrypt your files from the storage to the end point device, protecting users against unwanted access and lost devices.

How To Use Oxygen Cloud?

1. Register a free account at OxygenCloud. Activate your account by clicking on the link in your email. Then you will be able to use Oxygen Cloud via a browser. Just log-in with your confidential information.


2. Of course, for more convenient, you should download OxygenCloud s application at the Download tab on the homepage. Comparing to Dropbox apps for Windows environment, it is too larger (around 70 MB). You have to install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 Service Pack 2 as well. Install it and get started.

3. You have to log-in with your account information at first. There will be a new 5 GB drive /partition named Oxygen on your computer, but luckily, it does not consume your storage space on the local drive.


4. There are two ready folders on the new drive: Admin users and Shared. Notice that, ironically, you can not create folder (or put data in) on the root drive when trying to operate it on the computer. Instead of that, you have to put your data inside two folders, one for private and the other for sharing purpose. If you want to create a sub-folder in the root, like the two in the default, you have to log-in to the cloud via web. Similar to Dropbox, you can copy and paste or drop and drag files to Oxygen drive as you are working with a normal locally drive. Then the data will be automatically synchronized to other devices and cloud as well.


5. You can invite others to access your entire cloud or a separate folders. This feature is quite helpful in business and collaboration environment.

A final though, I think Oxygen is quite compelling to Dropbox, especially the free space you can get. 5GB is too enough to store frequent data such documents, software or even photos. The synchronization speed is really quick. Synchronization is completely automatic and it works in the background like Dropbox. Visit OxygenCloud.


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