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Can anyone become a writer? Writing potential is in all of us, but what that branches into becomes very diverse. If it is an aspiration to write as a career, than dedication and practice will help meet that goal.

A few recommendations to those novices just starting out, below are some tips that will hopefully help kick start your writing.

One of the first things to do is to absorb all the activity around you going on. (Potential topics) Try to stop participating, and turn the focus on observing. It is recommending to somewhat detach yourself from the current surroundings. Take in first hand account on how people act and interact with each other in social situations.

Make a conscious effort to take in things you normally take for granted such as buildings, street shops and so on. Notice what is in front of you, beside you, underneath, and document it.

Write what you are thinking in that moment. If you are in a discussion with someone, take the first moment available and dictate it. Be vivid in describing everything from environment, to colors, textures, objects and so on.

Another idea is to take one of your most embarrassing moments and write it down. Don’t leave anything out. Once you are finished, put it out of sight for a few weeks, and than come back to it and see if your perspective has changed.

Don’t put restrictions on what you write. Try to write every form such as poems, fiction, dialogue, and even take a stab at writing songs. You never know when that practice in different arenas will benefit you in other writings.

The main point is to set goals you can achieve. We tend to set goals to a standard most normal people cannot attain. Start out small and move up.

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