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By / June 13, 2017 / writing

A good tool to use when brainstorming ideas for writing is the question, what if and why? Some author’s writings are based or have a piece of their life experiences incorporated in their work. Each writer will vary depending on where they feel comfortable writing.

Starting a new project can be an overwhelming process, but the best way to get past that is putting the pen to the paper and write until you can’t anymore. The key is to not focus on spelling, grammar and adherence because those can be corrected when it comes to the multiple edits that are done before the piece is finished.

Another idea is to create a timeline for tracking the progress of your writing. It gives the writer a tangible thing to keep moving forward, and keep them on task. It could be as little as writing a page a day, but at least it gives the writer a goal to work towards getting to the final product.

If the writer is just starting out, here are a few ideas that may help in getting the process moving:

1) Generally a good writer likes to read and needs to read. It helps to envision the story, and also helps expand the writer’s vocabulary. TV and movies are fine, but they should be used as last resort.

2) Once you have finished reading or watching a story, mull it over. What did you like about it? What did you not like? How would you have written it?

3) Finding your niche. It takes trial and error when a writer begins to write. Some writers excel at short stories, some fairy tales, poems and so on. A successful writer writes about something they are passionate about or have a good understanding about. Doing this, the passion and feeling will come through to the reader, and keep them reading.

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