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Creative writing is a fun and rewarding activity for aspiring writers, and it can also be an activity that is shared with kids and family. It is important to start out with small projects. It will discourage and frustrate you if the first writing project you choose is an epic novel. Start out by writing a series of short stories or poems to get a feel for your writing style. It will also give you a chance to see how easily you can put words to together in an understanding and cohesive manner.

It is not uncommon to have writers block from time to time. Generally if you remove yourself from the situation for a brief period and come back, you will have a fresh perspective on what has gotten you stuck. Another way to get passed the writers block are prompts. There are several ways to getting these idea prompts such as: online, in books, or just taking a moment to take in your current environment.

There are parts of writing a creative piece such as: plots, characters, disputes and contradictions and so forth. These are what are considered the meat of any good writing. Another method to help just start your writing is the jumble story method. What this method entails is taking paper and writing about varying scenarios, characters and their notable traits, and write them down on the different pieces of paper. Pick one sheet per category, and use them to make a story. This exercise will also help stretch you as a writer, because you will have to think outside the box to put the story together.

It is a great idea to join a writing group with others to share ideas, but also for them to be able to critique and proofread your work. Those two items are imperative when you write.

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