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People love to be inspired and encouraged. The stories written for inspirational purposes can come from survivor’s stories such as: cancer survivor, child abuse survivor, war veteran and so on. These stories make wonderful reads, but have to be written in a way that the reader can see, feel, and smell how the writer walked through the pain and events to get to the other side in healing.

As you begin to decide what you want to write on, make sure to narrow it down, and be specific. When writing a personal story it is not uncommon to veer off topic into other events that don’t pertain to the main subject, and will confuse the reader. It is imperative to write about what you know or you take the chance of coming across the pages as unnatural. It may be helpful to do a timeline involving the timeframe you are going to write about.

Description is a very important and powerful piece in writing any story. Again, you need to use the five senses when writing the details. Try not to overload your reader on too many excess facts and wording that will detract from main points.

The audience should be able to empathize with the main character going through the trauma. This will help them to connect and relate to the writer. Being able to empathize with the character will not only keep them reading, but it will in time, be a good word of mouth for others to want to read your story. A goal to achieve is establishing a persona that the readers can understand.

This form of writing can also serve to be extremely cathartic. For some writers this is healing, and helps them to move past the experience. The hope with telling their stories is the hope of helping others to heal, and to know that they are not alone in their experience.

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