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There is a large market that is limitless when it comes to non-fiction writing books and magazines. One of the keys to success is taking the knowledge you specialize in, and deciding if others could benefit from your work.

A few areas that can be options to look into are:

• Educational writings. This requires excellent skills in communication. You do not have to hold a teaching degree to utilize your skills, but it helps to have some form of a specialty that you have extensive knowledge on.

• Reference material writings. These books are ones that are always in great demand. There are reference books for anything you can possibly imagine. Anything from how to plant flowers, to how to clean out a bathroom drain.

• Religious writings. This particular genre has the capability to cater to books and magazines alike. The world we live in is filled with a plethora of religious denominations, and even break away religions from those! If this is the subject matter one chooses to write on, understand that this is definitely a niche market that you should extensively educate yourself on before endeavoring.

• Travel. If this would be the niche market you feel confidant writing about, realize that it is much more than just blanket descriptions that can be found in a travel brochure. Some of the following are a must to include: culture, sense of the environment, vivid details, and correct facts put in wording that still makes it interesting.

• Technical writing. To write in the technical writing field you need to have good research skills, patience, a good eye for detail, and accuracy. Also having the aptitude to sift through the amount of research, and still be able to translate it in terms any one person that chooses to read it, can and still understand it is a must.

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