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By / June 13, 2017 / writing

What are the central components of a short story? One part is maintaining brevity, that can be a key element to follow in a short story, because otherwise the writer will aimlessly ramble, and the reader will lose focus and interest.

Another point to keep in mind in a short story is to make sure you have the ability and word count to get to the point quickly and effectively, with minimal characters involved.

Short stories can also study one specific character or a certain philosophical idea, and not just plot, conflict and resolution. There is no one set of rules or guidelines when composing a short story. It is an art form where some writers have the skill to do it with ease, while others struggle to develop the story. The main point is to at least try to find out, and to not get discouraged too quickly.

Elements of a good short story are writing with your own uniqueness, perspective, and your own life experiences. Practice is one of the only must do’s when it comes to writing. This is how most writers will hone their craft of writing successfully. Most writers re-write their work multiple times seeing places in their writing that should be re-worded, and ways to improve their vocabulary and so on.

Some other recommendations are once you have completed the story, before you edit, to put it to the side for a few days. This will help to refresh you from staring at the story for so long that you will in turn overlook errors while proofreading. Also, it could help to send copies to trusted friends or family for revisions, edits and suggestions.

Like many other areas of life, sometimes you will get a few sour lemons before you get to the sweet lemonade. Be patient and consistent to work towards your goals.

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