The importance of dialogue

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Strong dialogue is the foundation of a successful story. Properly, and well thought out dialogue can help make each individual character more dimensional beings that the reader can relate to, and join them on their journey that the story takes them on.

Here are some reasons that the dynamic of dialogue serves the purpose of making the story stand out.

➢ Defining characters. Take a moment to listen to those around you interacting and talking. This will help you to get an “ear” for the variances of different peoples speech patterns. How the character is described with speech (accents, stutter), and their posturing will help individually define them. Thus, giving them specific and distinct traits that will allow the reader to visualize and understand each different personality.

➢ Progressing the story plot. Dialogue is intertwined throughout the story plot, and it keeps the story from stalling, and helps move it forward. You want the dialogue to be as realistic as possible. The focus is to keep it the way everyday speaking occurs, which will pull them the reader in and keep them there. Let the flow of words come as naturally as possible without giving the reader so much information it overwhelms them.

➢ Motivations revealed. Through dialogue it helps to reveal each characters motivations, and can also foreshadow what’s to come. This will assist in keeping the reader intrigued to see how the scene will turn out.

➢ Stereotyping and Slang. An important tip to keep in mind is to keep the stereotyping and slang to a minimum unless it is an important facet of the story being told.

Be careful to not stray away with the many ideas you want to share. This is where an outline is a good idea to have handy while working on your story. It will help keep you on task, and help to not forget all those details you want to include.

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