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Writers find inspiration in many different places. Sitting quietly outside taking in a sunset, at the park watching the laughter and play of young children, even observing at a funeral.

These locations evoke some form of emotion, whether it is positive or sadness, they get a writer to contemplate, analyze and feel. This is one of prime times to write all thoughts and emotions down on paper.

Find different locations to write. Don’t always stay in the usual spots. Venture out to places like a coffee shop, a library, or a secluded garden area. The best way to write in these instances is to just write, don’t over think, just write. Don’t worry if it is going to be a publishable work, just write until there is nothing left.

Another option is to try a completely different writing genre. For example, if the norm of your writings is fiction, do some research, and try out writing a fascinating non-fiction topic. It will help to stretch your writing “muscles” to keep it challenging, but also to keep it interesting.

Another idea is to take a writing of your past work and change the viewpoint. Basically if you originally wrote the piece in first person, switch it up, and re-write it in second or third person. Furthermore, go so far as changing the tense from past to present or the other way around.

The technology that is available in this day and age, gives writers the option to join other writers groups that are online to brainstorm through ideas and issues. The groups are other writers who understand the business, and will understand your struggles specifically.

If you are in a writers slump, the best bet is to change it all up and walk away for a time. This will give you the ability to come back with a fresh mind and perspective, and hopefully many ideas!

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