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Writing poetry is a matter of being able to accept constructive criticism, and the ability to not shy away from subjects that may challenge you. The more you read others poetry, the more you have the opportunity to learn something new. So, try and read poetry often, and spend time just writing to develop your voice and get comfortable with your own personal writing style.

One of the initial steps is picking the theme direction you want to write about. The broader the theme, the more intricate and important the details become. Take your time and thoughtful consideration when it comes to titling your poetry. The titles are the first words your audience sees. This is an opportunity for the writer to “hook” the reader in.

Take chances, and step out of your usual comfort zone. Try and write from different points of view to change it up. If you hit a writer’s block, get up and change your scenery. Take a walk, go to the store and so on so it will help clear your mind and change your perspective.

Always keep a pen and paper handy wherever you go. You never know when an idea will spark, and you don’t want to lose momentum. It may also be a good idea to keep a notebook next to your bed because if you have a profound dream and wake up with ideas, if you don’t write them down immediately they will slip away.

Use powerful, concrete imagery and vivid descriptions in your writings. Also, make use of sensory “handles” such as: taste, sight, hearing, and touch, so the reader can distinctly envision what you are describing.

Lastly, save the powerful message or insight, you want to come across, for the conclusion so that it evokes some sort of emotional reaction from your reader. That is a successful poem!

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