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Writers that tend to succeed in the writing world, have a strong grasp on language, and a broad vocabulary to develop their stories.

Here are some tips to get you started on your own short story:

• Develop the situation. Create a quandary that the protagonist will need to try and solve. After the quandary is created, present the issues such as: lost opportunities, misunderstandings, confusion etc. Now, how is the problem going to be solved? This is where your point comes across such as: love conquers all; the winner does not always come in first place and so on.

• Theme. All writings have a story theme that is intertwined throughout their work; it is ultimately the framework that will pull together the plot, settings, and characters.

• Time span. To write an effective short story, make sure to keep the time span short. The focus can be on one singular event, one day and so forth. Use the event or events to reiterate your theme.

• Characters. Generally in a short story three main characters is sufficient. Any more than that and you are taking the chance of confusing the reader. Compose each character to have attributes that make them stand out and make them memorable.

• Imagery. A good story draws a reader in, and keeps them there. If the imagery is successful, the reader can actually envision themselves as that character in that scene.

Lastly, make sure your working plot has a beginning, middle and end. Try to keep the reader guessing and sitting on the edge of their seat awaiting the outcome. Your beginning is to hook and draw the reader in, and the conclusion is to keep them wanting more. The tone of the writing can be the formula for success or failure. It is an art form that always has room for improvement.

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