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It has been said many times over, but it never hurts to repeat; successful writers read, a lot.

Here are a few writing tips to help improve the quality of the work.

I. Many mistakes are made when a writer waits until the last minute to do the work. One word; procrastination. There are countless steps that go into a quality piece of work. If too many of these steps are skipped it will affect the quality of the writing. The best advice is, be prepared, have a plan, and get started.

II. Each individual writer has their own pre-writing methods that help them to organize their thoughts and ideas. Some writers use basic outlines, while others use what is called a writers mind map. Whichever one is chosen, it is important to get a plan on paper so specific aspects don’t get forgotten or lost in translation. These tools will also help to keep the writer on task.

III. Audiences thrive on being able to relate to an authors story. It helps to validate their thoughts and feelings as well. That being said, it is imperative not to get lost in an overload of facts and numbers, and not enough life examples and stories. Readers have to be able to relate or stay interested to keep them reading.

IV. Leave the editing for the end. If a writer tries to edit as they write, they lose focus, become frustrated, and the work suffers. Another piece of advice is to write without regard of the comma splices and spelling etc, because most writers edit at least 3-4 times before it is all said and done.

V. Unless the writer is writing a scholarly work, keep words that require a dictionary to a bare minimum. If the writer uses language that is overly sophisticated, they will lose readers due to confusion because of the inability to translate and understand the writing.

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