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Deciding what viewpoint to write a story will eventually become the basis of building credibility for each of the main characters. Here are some different viewpoints on which stories are told.

If the story is written from an objective viewpoint it is being told from an external view. This is a form of narrative that is based solely on the observations of what a character says and does. This is used frequently in the romance genre.

Next is the first person subjective. This is being told from the person narrating, and it is not an objective outsider. Telling a story from this viewpoint is based completely on one characters view. While writing in this form it gives the character the opportunity to draw closer to the reader. Generally this is the point of view that most mystery and suspense writers use.

When it comes to second person narrative, it is very rarely used in any form of fiction writing. Another viewpoint is omniscient. This particular narrative is all knowing. In the same way that God is viewed as omnipotent. With this form of writing each character will likely be given the chance to disclose their personal thoughts and views separate from each other.

Lastly, we have author intrusion. This is another one that is not widely used as it was years ago in the Renaissance Era. Generally this form of narrative is used when the author is the main character writing from a first person point of view.

Delve into each character and don’t hold back. Try not to write from too many different viewpoints in one set writing piece, because it will be confusing and distracting from the story. Also, describe all the senses of the characters such as: sight, smell, taste, and things such as motivations and passions towards people and things.

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