The Most Innovative Online Master’s Degree Programs

By / June 18, 2017 / Education

An online graduate program could be precisely what you need to supplement your education and enhance your job prospects.

The online Master’s degree programs we discuss below will not only provide students with a great opportunity to obtain a wealth of knowledge in their selected field, but they are also very innovative and interesting compared to conventional specializations in areas like engineering and finance. Some degrees are innovative for their content, others for their structuring and approach. For example, you can choose an online mba with no gmat from UAB or Puppetry from the University of Connecticut.

Degree in Sustainable Tourism

Tourism contributes to nearly 9% of the total global GDP and generates 1 in 11 jobs.  

A graduate degree program in sustainable tourism educates students on balancing environmental and business concerns in order to make effective and informed decisions that will be beneficial for both the economy and the community.

The core elements of an online Sustainable Tourism degree is grounded in the 3 fundamental pillars that define the sustainable tourism industry – environmental, economic, and social viability principles.

Degree in Forensics

The popularity of modern crime TV shows like Bones, CSI, and Cold Case has played a significant part in sparking interest in forensics and the creation of Forensic Science graduate programs.

A degree in Forensics usually covers a wide range of science courses like chemistry, genetics, and biology.  Many online Forensic programs tend to focus on a specific area of Forensics, like Forensic Psychology, which gives professionals the technical and specialized education they need to become experts in this field and advance their careers.  

An online Forensics program is made up of core courses like Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Biology, Forensic analysis, statistic, Toxicology, and Genetics.

Degree in Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy involves helping patients with illnesses, injuries, and disabilities to aid them in forming or regaining the skills they require to perform day-to-day activities. High pay, fast employment growth, and flexibility are the main reasons why this profession is considered very desirable.

Typically, students are required to complete courses in Physiology, Anatomy, Statistics, and Psychology prior to enrollment in a graduate program in this field. A traditional curriculum for an online graduate degree in Occupational Therapy covers courses like Neuroscience, Therapeutic Skills, Rehabilitation Science, and Kinesiology.  

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