4 Best Tools To Check Your Hard Disk ‘s Health

Few days back, one of my close friend got in touch with me and said, he was encountering against a very huge damaged disaster which just happened with his computer. After checking carefully his computer, I found that I could not access it, even at the start-up stage to login into Windows. What the matter had happened with it?

I used the well-known CD boot named Hiren to login to his computer. Due to this boot lies on RAM only, so if I am able to access its, his computer is not dead. However, I found all precious data on his computer had all gone away and there was no possible chance, even smallest, to recover them back. I, at that day, suddenly recognized 2 things: it was very important to back up your data regularly to another computer or on the cloud services and secondly, we have to check our hard disk ‘ health state more than one time a month! So in this article, I make my mind to cover here 4 best free tools for you to self-testing your computer before it will be too late.

At first, let me explain few words about a hard disk ‘s health state, how it is bad and good enough to use. As far as I know, each product has its own capacity in real usage. It means, one day it will be outdated and are not able to serve you anymore. Like other popular digital products, even a high quality hard disk made by a prestigious trademark will one day become unusable.

One of the easiest metric to determine whether a hard disk still can work or ready goes to a trash dump and wait for reuse is that how many bad sectors on the disk surface it has already had. However, there are more things to look for such as average temperate, reading and copying speed and so on. Here are 4 best tools for you to check your hard disk.

1. HDD Health v3.3 Build 220 Beta (Freeware)

This is a freeware from Panterasoft which support Windows 95, 98, NT, Me, 2000, XP and Windows 7. After downloading and installing the tiny software, it will check and display your hard disk. Also, it can alert you about the state of hard disk via email, pop-up messages.

HDD Check Health

There are 3 tabs in the main interface including some information about your system: hard disk, partition and system. Apart from showing you how health it is, the software display the manufacturer, HDD serial, capacity…

In my opinion, this software is quite enough to check your hard disk. However, we should consider using a better replacement with more detailed information about a hard disk ‘ health.

Download HDD Health here.

2. O&O DriveLED (Shareware but Free now) 

O & O DriveLED is a comprehensive solution application that can monitor, check the health of the hard drive. O & O DriveLED will test some metrics of your hard disk such as reading speed, write capacity and more. Like HDD Health, the software will show you the current temperature of the hard disk.

The nicest feature while working with O & O DriveLED is that it can diagnosis and predict the errors your HDD might have in the time to come and thanks to it, you can replace it with a new one.

check your HDD health

O & O DriveLED 4 is priced at 29.95 USD, but the you can easily get a free license by dropping your email address at this registration page and hit the Kostenlose anfordern Lizenz button.

3. HD Tune (30 days in trial)

In my opinion, this is one the best HDD health checking tools so far. HD Tune has various functions or more exactly, it can monitor your hard disk ‘s health with many parameters. One the main interface, there are total 11 tabs in which you can see some aspects related you hard disk.

HD Tune Pro

The strongest feature while working with HD Tune, at least in my point of view, is that it can scan errors. Two most important tabs are Health and Error where you can check your hard disk to make sure it are able to serve you.

Although HD Tune is a shareware, you can use this useful tool in 30 days without any function limitation. Along with HDD Generator, this is always my first choices for when I want to check a hard disk ‘ health!

Download HD Tune here.

4. HDD Generator (Shareware)

This is the most popular HDD ‘s health checking tool since it is integrated into Hiren CD Boot. If your hard disk has bad sector, it means you need to replace with a new one. HDD Generator not only scan errors on your hard disk but also fix it.

HDD Generator

There is a downside, however: it does not work on Windows environment so that you have to create a CD boot to access DOS and start checking  and repair hard disk if possible. Nevertheless, if you are familiar with Hiren CD Boot, you will feel no drawback to use this tool.

You can download and purchase it here.

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