5 Ways to Access Facebook When ISPs Block It

Today is really bad, my ISP has officially blocked all ways to connect to Facebook. I have tried to do some frequent methods to bypass firewall to access to the most popular social network, but all of them are not successful.

As a usual Facebook user in Vietnam, I feel disappointed with what terrible has happen today. But after researching few hours, I am happy to tell you that, we always have many other ways to connect each other despite the playground is still Facebook.

I think my methods to connect Facebook are quite different with others. Many of you are perhaps using some frequent method to bypass firewall to use Facebook such as Proxy, change default DNS to Google DNS or Open DNS. Some other people already pay a little money to buy some premium service including socks or VPN. All of them seemly do not work when the internet service providers tighten more their control.

Indeed, the above methods are good but sometimes, there are few unwanted problems we all then have to deal with in order to continue surfing Facebook. Now, you can check my following methods to connect Facebook. I think they are fine and more especially, some of them do not require you anything than filling the address and go on.

1. Access Facebook Via LISP Protocol

This method might be called as a “hassle free” way. You just need access Facebook via address http://www.lisp4.facebook.com instead of normal address. LIPS is a kind of new web protocol and as a pioneer web service, Facebook is testing this protocol too. That is the reason you can access Facebook without any difficulty.

According to Wikipedia, this protocol is very new and it is developed based on an idea behind that is “the separation that separates  that the Internet architecture combines two functions, routing locators (where you are attached to the network) and identifiers (who you are) in one number space: the IP address”.

This is the easiest way to surf Facebook so far.

2. Secure Socks, Web Proxy and Fake IP softwares

Though these two methods in this group are commonly not easy to do, but I think you should have a  try.

There are many websites providing free proxies and socks. You just need do a search with some keywords  such as “free proxy” or  “free socks”. After finding an active sock or proxy, you then apply for the browsers you want to change IP to connect to the web. Here are the instructions how to configure sock/proxy on the some popular browsers.

  • Firefox: Tools > Options > Advanced > Networks > Settings > Manual Proxy Configurations > Socks Host.
  • Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet Settings > Connections > Lan Settings > Use a Proxy Server for you LAN.
  • Chrome: Options > Under the Hood > Change Proxy Settings > Connections > Lan Settings > Use a Proxy Server for you LAN.
  • Opera: Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Networks > Proxy Servers.

In addition to using proxy or sock connection, I think, you should try some fake (hide) IP such as Hide my IP (the quality is excellent and I highly recommend this premium software), UltraSurf or Hotspot Shied.

These software and services are very to use. You just need download them, then active and make new connection to Facebook. You can visit http://ip2location.com to check the new IP the software has just made.

This method however has a small inconvenience is that the speed connection sometimes becomes slowly than normal.

3. How about web sock/web proxy?

Yeah, they are few free and paid services that help you bypass the firewall to connect to the web. You should pay some money to get a better quality service. But before you touch the wallet, I think you can do a try with https://www.vtunnel.com/ and https://kproxy.com/. These two free services allow you connect via proxy and sock protocol (HTTPS) and as far as I know, they are extremely good, especially is Vtunnel. No worry more since Vtunnel has its self 3K Alexa ranking and many more people under the firewall are continuing trust it.

4. AOL LifeStream

That is very brand new way to connect with the Facebook, I think that! It is extremely easy! You will not need care about DNS, Proxy, third application or something else like other methods in this list.

What is about LifeStream? Yeah, this is very helpful tool which is really a kind of social network hub. LifeStream might replace seamless your social network as it can get all kind of new update from other networks and allow you update whenever you want.

Thanks to it, we can use to bypass firewall to connect to Facebook. Firstly, you need to sign up a free account at AOL here. You can use many services at AOL such as Email, but I think, you should now go to AOL LifeStream to connect Facebook now

You should keep in mind that you can only authorize Facebook while you are able to connect this social network. So, before you access AOL Lifestream, you should first visit Kproxy or Vtunnel as I mention above. Then copy and paste the Lifestream address to this web sock.

After you have connected to LifeStream by your user name and password via a bypass way (you can use some hide IP software to do it instead of web sock/proxy), then add Facebook, Twitter or whatever network AOL supports to use.

In case of Facebook, you will see I can get new update information from my buddy whether they are text or photo. You can update your status, share photo and do comment on other status very easily.

LifeStream is really a fresh way to enjoy Facebook. However, it perhaps has few disadvantages such as we can neither chat via Facebook as usual nor see the fast update speed as Facebook does. In this case, I think you do a try with a worthy Chrome extension that will help you get more benefits in using AOL LifeStream.

5. SSH

This surefire method is my first choice after a “crashing” with Facebook. However, it is not easy for others.

At first, you have at least one Hosting account (from US) that support SSH, a kind of secure connect is not active in default. Some popular hosting providers that are good at supporting SSH are Bluehost, Dreamhost and Hostgator (only available with high hosting package).

But in this article, I recommend you do a try with Jumpline. This hosting service is providing completely free in two-years.

After you register here with $20 activation fee, you can enjoy a 2 years premium hosting package. Then you download the free software supporting connect SSH on Windows called Tunnelier. Install and log in with your hosting information.

Before log in, you access the Services tab and choose Enable Socks/Proxy Forwarding option. This feature will allow you to connect via a bypass way. Then you just copy the sock protocol that in normal option is and port 1080 to paste to whatever browser you want to connect to Facebook.

The advantage of this method is that you will be able to connect to Facebook with fast speed.


Thanks to my reader (Huy). We will have another way in which we take advantages of the first method I mention above. All we need is modify the host file in the Windows or Mac.

- Firstly, you need to change DNS to Google DNS (or OpenDNS).

- The next step is adding the IP and facebook address into host file of Windows.

+ Access C:|Windows|system32|drivers|etc.

+ At this folder, open the file hosts by  Notepad or Wordpad.

+ Add the below information and then save it. facebook.com www.facebook.com apps.facebook.com login.facebook.com graph.facebook.com static.ak.connect.facebook.com developers.facebook.com error.facebook.com upload.facebook.com register.facebook.com bigzipfiles.facebook.com pixel.facebook.com

Then you will be happy with Facebook right now for sure.

In case you feel quite complicated to do the above steps, I recommend you download the .EXE file below. Then Extract, choose Yes to overwrite the current host file in your Windows. This file is available in both XP and Seven Windows version.


For Mac users:

Open Terminal, copy the text below and paste in:

sudo /Applications/TextEdit.app/Contents/MacOS/TextEdit /etc/hosts

Press Enter, log in with your adminitrative account. At the Text Editor appearing, copy the text above containing the IP and Facebook address and paste between the first and the last line. localhost

insert here broadcasthost

Then, the host file on Mac will be like the image here:

Then Save this file and enjoy normal Facebook! (Thanks Tip4Pc)

My reader, how about your way to connect to Facebook? What method you have ever used to do that? Feel free to share with other readers and I. A nice day to all.


  1. Thanks ! You can edit file hosts, too.

    Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc

    Edit FILE hosts (open with notepad)

    Add 3 lines at bottom: facebook.com http://www.facebook.com apps.facebook.com

    Finally, change DNS to và

    P/S : Mưa đêm. ;) )

    • You are welcome Huy!

      Thanks for your suggestion. This method is good but quite complicate, particularly for Mac or Linux users.

    • Can access FB NP.

      But cannot access Mafia Wars or other games. Any solutions? I am in Vietnam.


      • Hi Stephen! You are welcome. You have only two other solutions. Firstly, you can bypass any firewalls by connecting Internet via VPN. This service is premium but it is every cheap. Perhaps you have to pay only $5 per month to go everywhere you want. I do not recommend you try getting access with some free VPN services. They are almost slow and limited bandwidth as well.

        I have done a search and some services below are good indeed.


        etc.. Lots of fresh ways are waiting for you!

        The second method is more simple. You just need order the soft Hide My IP I mention above and enjoy a mask connection without distraction!

        PS: I am switching my hosting and just back up database again that help me not exclude your presence here.

    • i dont have access to change DNS.. now what should i do?

  2. Excellent article ever!

    It will be better and extremely useful if you post the Vietnamese version somewhere ;)

  3. Thank you! I need to connect to facebook :D

  4. Your ISP blocked access to Facebook? What right do they have to do that? A directive from your country’s government?

  5. Horrible, I just know that FPT is blocking Facebook too and now I have to access Facebook via LISP4 Protocol like you mentioned above. However, I feel its speed is very slow. :(

  6. thank so much! :D

  7. Rehe Mishm says:

    Very nice article! Especially the LISP method, works very well when my friends try it from Middle East to access facebook web site! In the past they use some free socks services such as freesocksproxy but now seems no any proxy needed any more! Thanks!


    • You are welcome. The LISP method is extremely easily. But I have also update another method and I think the last is more convenience despite that you have to modify some files.

  8. Hi,

    I wish to write a guest post for your blog. I had to write this here coz I was unable to find a contact form. Can you please mail me if you accept guest posts?

    BTW, Im lucky as my ISP has never blocked FB!! :D

    • Hi Mark. I am feel full of surprised today when reading your comment. My blog is just born for a while and not much people know it.

      I would like to invite you take part in our community and it is great that one day soon, my blog will be updated by you.

      I also want to know a few things about you. That is your address blog and which topic will you submit to my blog as well.

      I am doing a plan for StarBlogger and after receiving your responding, we will start the journey together, man.

      Do not hesitate to contact me via address goldtheme (@) gmail. I will install Contact plugin soon man.

  9. Hi i m currently staying in Vietnam & i m a facebookaholic,last time was told bout to change the DNS & since then have no problem at all to access FB, really enjoy it untill yesterday,i can’t access FB at all & still trying till now, i m an IT nerd but will try ur method since having some difficulty to do it .. :(

  10. I’m glad that here in Australia isp’s don’t put restrictions on anything, and mine is one of the last one’s that agreed that they would not look at the websites you visit and what you download.

    This could be of help at my school though…

    • Congrats Peter. My uncle is living there too. He told me that hisInternet connection had not ever countered with any case like that. But I hope this restrictive rule will be lifted soon.

      Happy new year and wishing you a better year in blogging trip.

  11. That was a very insightful article. Thanks! Though, here is no such Facebook issue, the provided information are very useful and instructive. Moreover few of them such as AOL LifeStream, LISP Protocol, etc are new to me.

  12. Thank you very much for sharing this..

    I will try this in my office to access facebook

  13. i am not able to access facebook not even from any of the software directed over here all of the software like ultrasoftware as on are not working here in my college campus shall be very than kfull to you if you can guide me so on for this

  14. Dear Admin:
    i have followed above mentioned method but i could’nt access to facebook , it is to be mentioned that our IT’s installed Sonic wall in our computers , but i can cross that but using https:// , at first i was using this method but now they blocked again , it there is any way with you please replay soon , with best regards.


  15. why this error is showing while opening facebook Error 107 (net::ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR): SSL protocol error

    Please give me the solution I am unable to access facebook

  16. Hi, I used the codes to access facebook on my mac whilst in Vietnam.
    Now i’m in Thailand and it still comes up with the message ‘cannot verify the website’ for facebook, plus all my google searches are getting converted to BING automatically, which is really frustrating.

    Any idea how I can correct this?? Many thanks!!! Tried everything!!!

  17. very nice

  18. very nice pic

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