Angry Birds: The Movie (Trailer)

I can not believe that I have been an addicted Angry Birds gamer today. I have just downloaded this game to my PC some days ago but then, I can not leave the screen if have not finish some tasks on the Angry Birds trip. Now I pretty understand why more people want to download this game free, even on Android or iOS, Facebook and, most and formost, on theirs PC.

But today, I even feeled more surprised when I know there is a true Angry Birds movie that still in the making progress. Once again, we see a videogames has been turned into a true movies.

Angry Birds movie will be directed by Michael Bay under the operating of Rooster Teeth. Currently, I do not know when it will be released but I think in that day, perhaps not only we watch Angry Birds movie, play this game on a variety devices but also read its adapted comic book or a TV series film.

The question about the Angry Birds movie has an answer here. You can watch the official Angry Birds movies trailer on Youtube now.


  1. I wonder if this is the true movie or just a parody from RoosterTeeth. It will be an awful movie in my view. The birds don’t look cute as they are in game. :(

  2. Ha ha May be a wesome Movie,I will definitely wact that ,Thanks for the info Vuong

  3. thanks for sharing this trailer mate its great waiting for the movie and i havent played this game is this game really good.

  4. this game has gained popularity very’s really an Addiction like earlier farmville was on Facebook.. the trailer is also quite good..

  5. I like angry bird too, I hope in my country in Indonesia The movie can begin in theater in this month..Badly it is just trailer. the movie is very funny like in the game

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