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If you are looking for a comprehensive security solution for your smartphone, in my opinion, ESET Mobile Security deserves a luxurious line among other top choices. So far, apart from a security solution for mobile devices, ESET has gained many rewards for their security solutions on PC, both for personal and corporation demand. Perhaps, you have ever heard about Kaspersky Antivirus Mobile or some other similar products backed by Bitdefender, F-Security, Avast or Norton.. etc. Almost security vendors have already had their own products exclusively for smartphone.

In this article, as you see in the title, I will introduce you how to to get free activation code ESET Mobile Security which will be eligible in 6 months.

Needless to say, smartphone is becoming a crucial helper, assistant, device for both geeks and even low tech users. Getting a smartphone, you are able to connect with your peers, friends, relatives like any other regular cell phones. More important, smartphone allows you to connect to the Internet seamlessly and hassle-freely, no matter you are and everywhere you  go. Since Android becomes the mainstream, next to iOS, you are able to get an affordable smartphone but still strong enough for all daily basis including surfing the Internet, check mail, update social network or even write a new blog post. At least, in my case so far, I have used both Symbian and Blackberry smartphone.


Like a computer, when you use smartphone, you have to care about its security. Protecting your high-end device by preparing carefully a reliable security software is always much better than do nothing.

May be I am going in the wordy way. So let concentrate on the point. As I mentioned above, ESET Mobile Security is really a reliable and strong solution to protect your smartphone. It integrates various engines that includes anti-spam, firewall and antivirus ones. Also, ESET Mobile Security does not spend much your resource so you not need to worry about impacting performance of the devices.

Apart from that, ESET also offers a nice feature that allows you to protect and recover your private information on the smartphone if it is stolen.

Get free ESET Mobile Security activation code:

1. Access this page and fill the form with your information: Name, Sure name and your email address.

Free ESET activation code

2. The activation code will automatically delivery to your inbox. Grab it to apply into the software in the next step.

3. Download ESET Mobile Security and install it here:

There is a downside, however. Currently, ESET supports Windows and Symbian only. Perhaps, Android fans have to wait for a few months ahead since ESET Mobile Security for Android is still in the beta stage.

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