How to Copy Text on WattPad or any Restricted Copying Site

WattPad is considered the YouTube -like community for readers or anyone who loves reading and sharing literature.You can access this portal to read tons of free book via PC or mobile phone. The idea here is not new though, this open platform is becoming a really creative homepage among bookworm, authors and readers. Not only the writers can directly exchange idea with readers, a number of publishers also have wonderful chances to cooperate with new potential writers. According to Watt ‘s stats, at the moment, this cloud based platform is driving more than one millions readers each month. People goes here to read book, exchange their thought and sharing nice piece works with their friends.

To be honest, I have no idea before visiting WattPad. So far, I have accessed various kind of webpages and the link volume might run up to a thousand. I think Wattpad is really helpful, simple but easy to use and is definitely a worth place for both writers and readers. I really fancy the way Wattpad is using to display the content. However, after trying some ways, I was still not able to copy the text to save the content from WattPad.

Wattpad ecosystem is quite enough for a bookworm since you can read book online or enjoy the newest story on this social via a specific app on mobile. In my opinion, WattPad is so good if you just want to read and read.

However, unlike other social networks, WattPad does not allows users to copy or download content on theirs site. Perhaps, the reason is coming from theirs unique and original content since almost literature works on WattPad are uploaded by the writers. While sharing is encouraged, copying the content on Wattpad will be the same with distributing it across the Internet and I think it may harm Wattpad ‘s business.

At fist, I write this article for those who are trying to copy and save text on WattPad but unable, like me. In addition, I think we should respect the strategy WattPad is running. So, in case you want to save content there, we do it for education purpose only.

copy text from wattpad

By default, when visiting any webpage on WattPad, you can read, highlight text but copy them. How WattPad ‘s technology is? As far as I know, almost sites using Java script to prevent users copying their content. However, almost browsers now allow you to control this technology by simply disable or enable it. Perhaps we have been familiar with this function on Opera. On this browser, you just need to hit the F12 button and there will be a popup screen that allows you to fast turn off or turn on JavaScript. Afterwards, I am sure you will be copy text from and restricted copying function sites like WattPad.

Here is what you will deal with WattPad on Firefox.

1. Like Opera, Firefox allows you to configure JavaScript on any web. If you want to turn if of, just hit the Tools menu on the top bar and click Option.

2. Accessing Content panel, here you can easily control JavaScript by enable it (check it in the box) or disable it (uncheck the box option). Hit the OK button to finish.

turn off JavaScript on Firefox
Now, you can easily select and copy text from WattPad or any site that use the same technology to prohibit users copy their content.

I hope this handy tutorial will somehow benefit you in your daily digital life. If you have any experience, please share with my readers.

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  1. Nice. Thanks for the help ! :D

  2. this doesn’t work at all…….

  3. thanks!! this one works! :) very helpful.. =)

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  5. it lacks number 3 step. after seeing the check box thingy what will you do then??? please help. thanks

  6. tnx!! this really works! :))

  7. Umm it now works. i disable it and yet i cant copy.

  8. How about in Google chrome?

  9. SERIOUSLY?! says:

    it works and do you know that because of this OTHER PEOPLE now know on how to COPY-PASTE our Stories in Wattpad! and CLAIM IT!! >.<

  10. this doesn’t work!!

  11. bHaRbHiiE says:

    I did disable the Javascript but i can’t copy-and-paste the stories in Wattpad.

  12. bHaRbHiiE says:

    Hey guys !
    When this doesn’t work..
    Go to :
    There,you can copy your favorite stories !
    This really do works !

  13. Just another girl says:

    Thank you so much!! It really works.. :)

  14. good day! Just want to ask on how to copy text from wattpad in google chrome.. Please response because I’m not using Mozilla Firefox..:)

  15. anonymous says:

    Yeah, I kind of liked that people couldn’t copy since I knew that my work wasn’t going to be stolen, but thanks to this, people can steal my work and claim it as their own.

  16. Your Mome says:

    Thanks, asshole, for telling people how to steal stuff and take credit for stuff that isn’t theirs. A real hero you are. Eat shit and die.

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