How to Download Music from Spotify

Spotify is one of the best online service I have ever used so far. Since the day I received a free invite from Motorola and got a Spotify free account, I could not turn off it each time I start my PC up. Spotify is dramatically changing the way I enjoy music by offer a very convenient way, absolutely free but very high quality. I am intending to write a review in-depth for next couple of days. In this post, I want to cover a useful but high demand tip among Spotify users that is how to download/capture/rip/save song from Spotify.

If you do some searches on Google, surely you will be directed to some softwares that are specifically designed for only one purpose: to help you rip/download/save songs broadcasted by Spotify. Of course, they are all shareware, meaning you have to pay a little some to get them and start saving the song locally from the online music store.

If you have already had a Spotify account, surely you have known Spotify uses a light-weight standalone client to let users connect to the servers by authorization their confidential account. This client allows you to listen to music by suggesting list, new albums list or by searching etc… So there is a common principle to download, rip or save music from Spotify: using a recording tool.

In the nutshell, though you are not able to download music file on Spotify as usual on other service, you can easily get the music from it with a high quality recording tool. After you have recorded the song, then you can convert it into any extension you want, such as  MP3, WAV etc…

In my opinion, using a specific software to record music from Spotify is not a good deal. There have been already a number of well-known multimedia tools on the  market such as Adobe Audition, Cool Record Edit Pro or even JetAudio… which can solve you this math. They are very good at recording capacity and in this case, they can help you save/rip/download any song from Spotify with same original quality.

Rip song from Spotify with JetAudio

In this case, for testing purpose, I use JetAudio, one of the very popular multimedia tools to record songs from Spotify.

download song from Spotify

Step 1: Turn on Spotify client. Using searching tool to find the album (or any song) I want to record. I am looking for a popular album named “This is us” 2009 version by BackStreet boys. Few seconds after searching, I hit the author button on the top suggestion bar or Spotify and then easily found the album. You can do the same step with the song/album/artist/singer or band you want to listen to and record/rip/download their songs.

Jetaudio download song from Spotify

Step 2: Turn on JetAudio. In the main interface, I click on the Record button, located in the right list with a blue R word icon. You can use the combine Ctrl +3 buttons for this task. The Recording window will then appear that includes some options. You can configure the output extension (I choose MP3), the destination folder ( I choose desktop) or the recording quality.

Jetaudio record Spotify

 Step 3: I carefully prepared both the music source (Spotify) and the recorder tool (JetAudio). When I was sure the list song from Spotify had been ready, I hit the Start on Recording tool one second before hit the Play button on the Spotify. It would help me save the song without worry about losing any rhythm.

Spotify rip song

Step 4: Let the Spotify plays the list (song) to the end. Whenever you want to stop recording, just hit the Stop button. The high quality output file will be automatically saved to desktop ( or any folder you choose). I checked the file and it show me a 128 kbps song. There is no difference between the song originated from Spotify and the file I rip it with JetAudio. With this tip you can download/save/rip any song/top hits/album on Spotify!

Buddies, have you been in Spotify? Do you have any other ways/tools to save/download/rip song from this robust online music? Do not forget to share with my readers.!

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  1. Yeah, have to say that Spotify is pretty good indeed, the only downside being that it’s mostly an online music streaming service so if you wanna use Spotify music on the go, you need a compatible device or something like this.

    As far as the part on how to rip, download music from Spotify I use this Audials Tunebite’s Spotify Recorder program:

    This one is also able to capture and record Spotify music to mp3 tracks and save the to my hdd without any problems and in good quality.

    Have to admit this sort of Spotify Recorder comes in handy when I want to save and transfer music from Spotify to my mp3 player or anything like this.

    • You are welcome Hank! I totally agree with you some trails about Spotify!
      However, in case of Audials Tunebite’s Spotify Recorder, we have to pay a little sum to get its license. So JetAudio is my priority :-) . Thanks for dropping by, I see you are visiting my blog via a VPN service!

    • Hi, I have to admit here that Spotify is fascinating service for us to stream music online and search for new music. As it is easy to listen to Spotify music on the internet, if we need to download music, using a recorder tool to record audio from Spotify is easy. I found there are other tutorials on the Google.

  2. Hey Daniel,

    You know how we all like our privacy, especially these days, so it’s better to be cautious.

    Of course, choosing a tool depends mostly on what you need to do with it.

    I went along with that Audials Tunebite program I mentioned because besides saving Spotify to mp3 tracks , I can also use it for other things like recording web radios, downloading streaming videos and so on and it’s not just sitting there on my computer to be used only from time to time with Spotify.

    Anyhow, thumbs up for your article, it’s well written and useful for everyone.

    • Hi Hank! Your words are so nice! I certainly agree with you about the privacy problem! Choosing the right product among the market is not easy indeed. However, in this case, so many guys are not affordable to purchase the shareware you mentioned! Anyways, thanks for dropping by!

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  4. With Spotydl ( you can download spotify music in mp3 format for free.

  5. Hi all just one question: is it legal to use spotydl to download mp3 from spotify ?


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