How To Remote Control PC With SkyDrive

This week is likely the peak of cloud storage service competition with the arrival of Google Drive after a long time of expectation. Microsoft, meanwhile, for the first time, released SkyDrive app for PC, Mac, iOS and Windows Phone, and their main competitor Dropbox has significantly upgraded their service with various noticeable features. It seems that you no longer worry about the storage space, synchronization capacity or app for PC or mobile platform when almost cloud storage services are now offering these must-have feature. The storage space that SkyDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, SugarSync or iCloudgiving free are quite big. You can even get free storage space up to 50 GB at Box or 7GB at SkyDrive and 5GB at Google Drive. To be honest, I am not able to be more happy than 22 GB I got at Dropbox.

Choosing a proper cloud storage service is indeed not easy but I think at the moment Dropbox, SkyDrive, SugarSync and Google Drive are more preferable ones that the remain, especially for home users like me. As I see, a lot of loyal users and fans are fighting for their choice and the cloud service they gave their trust! In this post, I want to show you up a very handy, compelling feature on SkyDrive that may draw your attention for sure. SkyDrive can help you remote control the PC with fast speed and secure providing that you have already installed the app on the computer you are trying to access.

In fact, you have to notice that it does not work same as what some actual remote control apps and services as TeamView or Logmein are offering. But thank to SkyDrive, you can always take your whole data on your computer on the go. For more exactly, it can be explained like that, whenever you install SkyDrive on any computer and login with your account, you can go to SkyDrive “dashboard” via web-based to control all data on these computers. Here are what can do for that purpose.

SkyDrive remote controlFirst, you have to get a Windows Live or Hotmail account. It is free and easy to do. Visit and hit the Sign up button. Login at You can also download SkyDrive app on here. Just install it as normal! Assuming you are using Windows 7, then there will be a new folder called Skydrive with an icon on the left appearing on your Favorite list, same with Google Drive and Dropbox.

Now, when you login to your SkyDrive account, there will be a new PC ‘s name appearing on the left as the image below.

SkyDrive remote control

As the image above reveals, I have already installed SkyDrive app on two computers: my father one and mine. If I want to control my daddy ‘s PC remotely, I just need to click on Daddy link.

That feature may somehow benefit you. Assuming that you are on the go and want to immediately  access your computer at home to get some missing document files on the disk, SkyDrive is a great tool. Just make a phone and someone can help you power up the PC. Then login into SkyDrive to look for the files and download them easily!

SkyDrive login

Bear in mind that you have to provide a code that sent to your mobile phone or use alternate email address to pass the two-factor authentication. The process will make sure that you are the real owner the computer or at least the person who has actually installed SkyDrive on these computers.

SkyDrive remote control

When you are remotely surfing file or folder on a local disk, you have 2 options: download right to the current computer or upload to your SkyDrive account. You can easily opt the more convenient ways to use for yourself! The speed is really fast and it works well. I think this feature is an actual remarkable  upside from SkyDrive. Do you agree with it?

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  1. Great tip, I’m loving Skydrive started using it a few weeks ago and its the best cloud service I’ve ever used!

  2. Tony Sedgwick says:

    when you select a folder the Download option in your example is not available! it appears it only works 1 file at a time – so limited in use?

    • Not sure if you can download a folder but if you look close they’re downloading a zipfile not a folder. They look similar though.

  3. Rolf Miezitis says:

    This is not remote control. This is remote access. Remote control was what you used to have in Windows Live Mesh which they have got rid of. Grrrr.

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