Kindle Keyboard, Kindle Basic vs Kindle Touch, Which Is The Better Choice?

Reading so far is always one of my preferable hobbies and that is the reason why I have been eager to get a Kindle-like device since the first day I knew e-reader term. Currently, a bookworm can easily choose a good enough e-reader among a range of offers such as Kindle, Nook or Sony e-reader. If you follow e-reader market, probably you have ever heard about some companies in China and Japan which also produce e-readers for local customers.

In my opinion, Kindle and Amazon ecosystem is the best choice for reading purpose. But if you are really interested in getting a Kindle, which one version will you give it the favor? Here I took a more detailed comparison at Kindle 3 (Kindle Keyboard), Kindle Basic and Kindle Touch for the sake of drawing a conclusion!

As we all know, recently Amazon has officially kicked off their first Android-based tablet called Amazon Kindle Fire which will be on sale in the middle of November. Finally, Amazon Tablet appears but it  is no surprised at all. In fact, Amazon tablet is not deluxe as you have been familiar with iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab or so. However, it is attractive enough to purchase with various kind of customers due to low price. You can order here

Along with Kindle Fire, Amazon also introduced 3 new Kindle versions including Kindle Basic, Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G. The new lineup Kindle versions will therefore rise the total Kindle family, both tablet and e-reader up to 6 with 11 offers in total (with or without special offer).

Kindle 3 Keyboard vs Kindle Basic vs Kindle Touch

First of all, I think we should mention something about what is the similar and difference between a Kindle 3 Keyboard and Kindle 4 Basic. Then we take a closer look at Kindle Touch, what advantage it offers in comparison with the two lower price devices in this context.

1. Kindle Basic: Advantage and Disadvantage

Kindle Basic is considered as the lowest e-reader on the market since you have to pay only $79 for a brand new premium e-reader. There are two options, one with special offer (advertising onscreen while the device does not work or standby status) and the other without, which costs you $109. Before you order, taking note that Amazon only ships the special offer version($79)  inside US, so as an international customer, you have to pay $109 for a Kindle Basic. It may be more since the shipping cost is also reasonable (around $20).

Kindle Basic vs Kindle Touch vs Kindle Keyboard

Kindle Basic is so identical with Kindle 3 Keyboard in a number of features. It has a 6 inches e-ink screen. The sharpness and contrast has not been improved comparing to Kindle 3 Keyboard, despite their effort to re-design its famous device (claiming 30 percent lighter). You can order Kindle Basic here.

Here are some detailed points between Kindle Basic and Kindle 3 Keyboard.


- Cheapest version ($79 vs $99). Saving money to… purchase books on Amazon!

- Smaller than previous model, at least 18 percent. Carrying will be more comfortable.


- No physical keyboard, the onscreen replacement is not good as you have ever imagined. Lower for sure while taking note , checking dictionary or surfing the Internet on the basic experimental Kindle browser.

- No speaker and audio capacity. Your experience with audio book or music will need another device to meet, not it.

- No Text- to- speed feature like on Kindle 3 Keyboard.

- Battery: Haft of Amazon Kindle 3 Keyboard and Kindle Touch. You can read book on Kindle Basic in one month with 3o minutes each day on average. Kindle 3 and Kindle Touch are double.

- No more charger, you have to pay extra $10 to get it separately. Otherwise, just charging via a USB connector to your PC.

- Kindle Basic has another downside comparing to Kindle 3 Keyboard. Its storage capacity has been “downgraded” from 4 GB on Kindle 3 Keyboard to 2GB. However, I think it doesn’t effect much your reading experience because 2 GB is still large for archiving ebook.

- No more 3G option.

 2. Kindle 3 Keyboard: An Old Friend, Still Worth to Purchase

Honestly, I felt quite surprised since Amazon had not discontinued producing Amazon Kindle 3 or a new name Kindle Keyboard. There have been lots of  detailed review about this awesome device since it has been released more than one year.

Kindle 3 Keyboard is slightly higher than Kindle Basic. But spending more $20 is not an actual problem with almost bookworms and Kindle fan. By that, you can get an amazing e-reader up to now with more features than Kindle Basic.

Kindle 3 Keyboard vs Kindle Basic

For those who usually listen to music or audio book, Kindle 3 Keyboard is still my recommendation. If you are trying to pursuit a foreign language such as English, this is a better choice than the new one. Taking note, checking dictionary and navigating are so comfortable. You can purchase a 3G version if your location is supported this high-speed connection, free of course as Amazon promised.

Order Kindle 3 Keyboard here.

3. Kindle Touch: New experience

For the first time, Amazon has released a touchable device but I think all of you might be not surprised. This product is probably a counter arm in the battle against Nook which has already offered a touchable e-reader.

Kindle Touch has a same interface with Kindle Basic but integrated various improvements. Kindle Touch uses IR technology which let it own a reasonable responsive touchscreen. Kindle Touch has 2 offers: one with advertising information and one without. You can choose 2 version: Wi-Fi only and another option with 3G integrated.

Kindle Touch vs Kindle Basic

Kindle Touch advantage:

  • The price is nearly the same with Kindle 3 Keyboard ($99 vs $99 for special offer version and $149 vs $139 for the “original” version).
  • X-Ray feature which allows you check dictionary, take not more easily. X-Ray is a kind of technology that take display contextual information wiser.
  • Comparing with Kindle Basic, you can purchase a 3G enabled version for more convenience on the go.
  • Smaller than Kindle 3 Keyboard.
  • Battery, audio-book and music are the same with Kindle 3 Keyboard.
  • Multi touch capacity, like Kindle Fire.
 In my point of view, it appears that Kindle Touch is the best choice for reading experience since I do not find any remarkable downside point. Perhaps I will write more detailed about this version when Amazon ships it. You can order Kindle Touch here. 

At the moment, for those who can not wait till the day Kindle Touch on sale, Kindle Basic and Kindle 3 Keyboard are both good choice. If you do not care much about checking dictionary, taking note or surfing Internet, I think Kindle Basic is a better choice than Kindle 3. In case you are music and audio book lover, Kindle 3 Keyboard (and Kindle Touch if you can wait for few days) is still my recommendation.

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  1. Ashley says:

    BIG NOTE that Kindle Touch (and Fire) do not work well in plastic sleeves. I often use our Kindle Keyboard in a plastic sleeve camping, at the pool (not in the pool :-) , to protect it from dirt and occasional drops of water. The Kindle Touch (and Fire) use infrared beams across the screen surface to detect touches, so when plastic sleep touches screen it registers as a touch. As a result, Kindle Touch and Fire cannot really be used in a plastic sleeve. This rules them out for me. I personally, think dropping the text-to-speech and audio from the Kindle Basic is a pain – rules it out for me as well. So I’m left with the trusty Kindle Keyboard – after all that excitement at the release of so many new Kindles. Of course, your mileage and preferences may vary.


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