Vbuzzer for Android: Another VoIP Solution

One of the most convenient features on Android device in particular and other smartphones in general is that they allow us to connect with our relatives and friends anywhere and anytime. The reason for the popularity of smartphone and a new generation who always online 24/07 are so many, but I think two of them are 3G and VoIP. Of course, we should also count other newer and cheaper technologies.

In the battle of VoIP, probably Skype is still the leading player. However, there are a number of other choices for end-users and depending on your taste and habit, you can easily choose one or… two of them, no matter which ¬†platform you are using, iOS, Blackberry or Android. Today, here in this post, I want to introduce you the newest alternatives: Vbuzzer, one of the quite popular VoIP service. Vbuzzer has officially released the Android application version. Could we make a video call on Android with it? I really keen on about this question.

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