WhatsApp Application A Must-Have Tools For Smartphone Users!

Few days back, I read a very astonished article on BBC in which the author explained why Blackberry in particular and smartphone in general had already been exploded in Indonesia, even low-tech users. However, perhaps now we can conclude that more and more people around the world are realizing the convenience of smartphone. Since it become much cheaper, we can afford to get another phone besides a regular one.

In my case, I have been using Blackberry for at least 2 years. Since the day I owned an easy Internet connect, I felt my digital life became much more enjoyable. I can chat with my relatives, search information, watch weather, read and reply mail anywhere and almost anytime. Perhaps, these words become worthless because now cheap and multi choice smartphone allows it to present almost corners of the world.

download whatsapp

Here, let me go directly to the article. Today I will introduce you one of the newest software I have installed on my Blackberry 8700, which I think you would be interested in since it benefits you a lots. Its name is WhatsApp.

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