Top 5 Best Free Antivirus Tools for Android Tablet and Phone

Last month, the well-know independent security institute AV-Test released a detailed report (including 17 pages in total here) about the result of their newest experiment on free Android security software. In short they concluded that almost free security scanners/software on Android ecosystem are good but they are not enough to protect users from threats. Their advice was that you should lean on premium ones.

First, I ‘m 100 percent agree with the result and advice from AV-Test. However, I think that is probably an unavoidable result since the security test center did not test some free security solutions for Android which are almost more popular.

Apart from choosing two commercial security software F-Secure Mobile Security and Kaspersky Mobile Security, Av-Test only tested 7 following free security scanners for Android: Antivirus Free, BluePoint Antivirus Free, GuardX Antivirus, Kinetoo Malware Scan, LabMSF Antivirus beta, Privateer Lite và Zoner AntiVirus Free. Are they enough? I think you can easily find out more free security tools for Android on the Market. Here in this article, I want to round-up the best free security software for Android from famous vendors.

At first, keep in mind that you only download security tool or any other software for your Android smartphone or tablet on official and trusted source. Android Market is the best place to looking for these stuffs.

If you visit Android Market today, you will easily be caught up by lots of free software and other offers. In term of security, there maybe more than 10 vendors are providing security suite for Android ecosystem. If you are affordable, I still recommend you purchase a premium, commercial security tool for safer and more reliable.

1. Norton Mobile Security Lite for Android

Backed by Symantec, one of the most famous security vendor on the Internet, Norton Security Lite is the best free antivirus tool for Android smartphone and tablet. It has packed a range of advanced features which are absolutely safe enough for your daily life. Norton Security Lite is really small in term of content but so strong in protecting Android devices. It can automatically scan malware, virus or other threats. Moreover, like other paid security tools on PC, Norton Security Lite can detect and remove threats without your interference.

Norton Security Lite

With the presence of Norton Security Lite on your Android smartphone, you will no longer worry about loosing personal information or affair of  hijack, hacking or spam etc… You can also block any unwanted message or call from strangers. One of the most remarkable features is Remote Lock function which can help you remotely lock your Android device if you lost it.

You can download Norton Security Lite for Android (1.8 MB) here. It support Android 2.2 or later version.

2. AVG Antivirus for Smartphones & Tablets

I have used AVG Antivirus Free edition on my PC for a long time and so far I have been almost satisfied with what this vendor offers free. Now on the smartphone and tablet, I think there is no reason to prevent me from giving them all of my trust. Named as AVG Mobilation, this software is a comprehensive security solution for Android user that will protect them from virus and other threats in real-time.

AVG Antivirus for Android free

AVG Mobilation now is still one of the most downloaded app on Android Market. Like other offers, AVG  Mobilation can protect you from virus by real-time scanning feature. It can also identity unsecure device settings and by that give you useful advice to fix. Apart from helping you find and locate the stolen or lost device on Google maps, it also lock and wipe personal information in case you cannot retrieve the smartphone or tablet.

AVG Mobilation is available in several languages. You can download it here.

3. ESET Mobile Security for Android

Though ESET Mobile Security is in the RC phrase, it still a good choice to make sure the security on your Android smartphone. As you might know, ESET is one of the leading security vendors on the PC market with several mature products. That is maybe the reason I still choose ESET in this list.

ESET Mobile Security

The key features of ESET includes proactive protection, anti-theft security system, password protection and more. ESET is well-know with proactive heuristics technology to help users instantly scan all downloaded apps and data to make sure there is no threat on your device.

ESET Mobile Security for Android also help you find your lost/stolen Android smartphone or tablet and prevent unauthorized use. There are some other useful features including battery life, free disk space and, running processes… It supports Android 2.0 or later. You can download ESET Mobile Security for Android here.

4. Avast Mobile Security Beta for Android

This is the newest name on the Android Market. Though now Avast Mobile Security is releasing under beta label, it still gets a huge attention from Android users. If you want to test a new security tool on your Android device, Avast is really worth to try.

Avast is designed to protect you from leaking personal data. Like other security tool, it can automatically scan system and detect virus. You can also set manual scan of any apps or memory card. Avast integrates anti-theft feature which allows users to remotely control their stolen or lost devices. You can wipe history log, lock phone, track device via GPS and so on.

Avast Mobile Security for Android

Avast also helps you manage all process on the device thanks to App Manager feature. Using this tool, you can know detail about all running process such as their memory, CPU load… You can stop or remove any app you want. There are number of other features. You can download Avast Mobile Security Beta for Android here.

5. Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android

Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android is other great product and necessary for Android users. It is not completely free of charge but still to be one the most trusted tools on Android Market to protect Android devices against malware. You can use this tool in 30 days of trial. You need to register before using this security tool. Without free version, Trend Micro Security still is a good solution in case you want an instant protector or scanner to eliminate virus or other threats in a short time. There is a luck  is that the commercial version only costs you $3.99 for one year license. With this affordable price, I think Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android is nearly free.

Trend Micro Antivirus Free for Android

Trend Micro Mobile Security is listed on the top 100 technology product in 2011 on PCworld magazine. It has many features such as safe surfing, parent control, call and text blocking , lost device protection and others. Install Tren Micro Mobile Security, you will be protected with one of the best product in the security market. Like almost other security tool, you can easily use the tracking tool to retrieve your stolen or loss Android smartphone.

You can download Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android here.

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  1. Do you really need antivirus software? My answer is No. These Android antivirus apps make your smart phone load so slowly.

  2. Shame the report was limited but AV-Test did say they plan to test different ones soon – especially Lookout which is one of the most popular.

    I think that the main vendors will dominate in 2012 as they launch all in one AV solutions for multi devices including Android e.g. Kaspersky’s One out now is great value for 5 devices and the Android scanner did very well in the report. Norton are bringing out a similar One package in Q1 2012 – again, this uses the same license for a number of devices. If you need good paid AV for a few computers anyway you could end up getting the paid Android AV almost for free.

    • Thanks for your words Roy! You maybe see my list is quite short but as I mentioned in the beginning, I only choose famous vendors no matter their are still testing. Lookout is so popular now but according to the report released recently from AV-Test I see it capacity is not good as our expect. Just a thought buddy!

  3. Great , Thanks i am already on Android froyo and was looking for anti-viruses , have used lookout security and avg but had problems with them , i’ll try avast and others as u wrote , thanks !


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