WhatsApp Application A Must-Have Tools For Smartphone Users!

Few days back, I read a very astonished article on BBC in which the author explained why Blackberry in particular and smartphone in general had already been exploded in Indonesia, even low-tech users. However, perhaps now we can conclude that more and more people around the world are realizing the convenience of smartphone. Since it become much cheaper, we can afford to get another phone besides a regular one.

In my case, I have been using Blackberry for at least 2 years. Since the day I owned an easy Internet connect, I felt my digital life became much more enjoyable. I can chat with my relatives, search information, watch weather, read and reply mail anywhere and almost anytime. Perhaps, these words become worthless because now cheap and multi choice smartphone allows it to present almost corners of the world.

download whatsapp

Here, let me go directly to the article. Today I will introduce you one of the newest software I have installed on my Blackberry 8700, which I think you would be interested in since it benefits you a lots. Its name is WhatsApp.

Although I have just installed WhatsApp for few days, I fell it should be a close friend in the coming time, at least in the first year, I can use it freely in the trial time. Moreover, in the next year, I have to pay only few dollars to continue using it.

WhatsApp and a number of benefits

WhatsApp Messenger works on various platforms and number of devices, no matter iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Nokia S60. As its name reveals, the core function of  the application is helping people connect without worry about incomparable platform, extra cost or so. WhatsApp can be a perfect replacement of SMS but you not need to pay the operating cost as using SMS real service because it use Internet data to deliver your message via WhatsApp server.

Not only cut your usage cost, WhatsApp also widen your experience when it replace original SMS function by a chatting windows in which you can receive and reply your friends as you are using Skype, Yahoo Messenger or GTalk. You SMS in real-time indeed.

Each time you install WhatsApp, the application will record the configuration information of your own device (SIM number and your smartphone ‘s PIN), register them with server  system. So, no matter what smartphone, device version or platform you are using, place you are using it, you are always connected with your relatives, friends via WhatsApp in condition that you have registered to use data service with your operator. This application will be very convenient and cost-saving if you go aboard and want to connect with your girlfriend anywhere! You are no longer worry about monthly fee, international or roaming cost.


In addition to that, WhasApp has a number of other nice features including offline message, no need login, push notification capacity and so on.

You not need to add your buddy on the list. Instead it automatically scan your contact and show you who are using WhatsApp. You are always in the  connected status with your own emotion.

Consume much energy. More connected, more charge in fact!

As far as I know, however, there are two downsides. At first, you can not send message directly to whom not have a smartphone and use WhatsApp. Also, when I use WhatsApp, my Blackberry runs out of energy very fast, perhaps in one day only. So, I have to charge it more regularly than before.

In short, WhatsApp is obviously very worth to try. I highly recommend you install it and your friends as well. Then, not only you can save a reasonable amount of money but also take advantage of this convenient service to connect with your relatives anywhere!

To download it, just visit this link via your smartphone http://www.whatsapp.com/download/.

PS: I have found the same application and service named Tigertex. But it will be another review. So stay tuned mate!

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  1. This is a paid app for iPhone. I purchased it for a mere £0.59 some months back.. and I must say this app is worth every penny… as it helps me connect to my BB, Nokia friends for whom this app is anyways completely free…. ;)

  2. Born2trade says:

    I am using Samsung B7330, all application above is available on Samsung store

  3. trisha rani says:

    i am using sonny ericssion K550i

  4. aditi says:

    if i dont have internet activated and i decide to just read the sms that i receive from other users on whatsapp, would it still cost me?
    Would it then eat away my credit(normal topped up amount)??

    • cleodux says:

      I think whatssapp only work if you are connected to internet. Its a good app but i am going to uninstall it if they ask me to pay. they have different price for iphone and android which sucks. and sometime it doesnt work real time like text messages.

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